Hüseyin Akın: "Understanding reverse migration correctly"

Hüseyin Akın: "Understanding reverse migration correctly"
Date: 26.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Hüseyin Akın writes on migration. Here is the full article.

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The pandemic process reminded us of something we have long forgotten: “There is a village far away. That village is our village." The number of people who want to return to their hometown and live a quiet and peaceful life has increased considerably, since the crowd of big cities disturbs the comfort of people during this epidemic process. We had to add one more question to those "Is it where you were born or where you were full?" question: "The place where yoy die?". It seems that there has been a significant increase in the number of those who marked the first option. The place where we were born gained popularity. The increasing number of deaths suddenly turned everyone's attention to where they were born. So, if the land we were born in accepts our kindness when we die, why not accept our living existence without dying? In fact, there is no point in suffering the big cities just to feed themselves. At least everybody should return to the places they came from after the age of one so that the empty cities can regain their dynamic population. Let Anatolia rise again.
TURKSTAT chased after the question of "What would be the most populous city in Turkey if everyone lives in their hometown?". It makes one happy to think that Anatolian cities, which have emigrated for 60 years, regain their lost population. If you are wondering about the result of the research, let me say right away: Şanlıurfa leads the study with 2 million 839 thousand 823 people. Also, a phrase I had not ever given by immigration or migration will be taken back Sanliurfa Turkey's most populous city and its immediate future Konya, with 2 million 603 thousand 408 people behind. I seem to hear what you say in Istanbul. Right after these two cities, Istanbul comes third with a population of 2 million 558 thousand 75. Turkey Statistical Institute data it contains is really important research results. Isn't it worth thinking once more to understand reverse migration correctly, not the reverse? What is called reverse migration is not the people who migrated from Anatolia to the big cities go back as they came, but go back as they get. It is to leave the wooden suitcase or the hair bag in the big city and return to the place of birth with economic and cultural baggage.
"Everyone is approaching love differently these days." It turns out that I sang this line for these days. So those were these days. Whoever I meet, whoever I talk to, a new habit of approaching even the simplest issue has emerged. If you want to make you feel different from everyone else in a community or if you want to settle in the middle of the table just like a marble ashtray, approach the matter differently. You can make an introduction to the sentence "The situation is not at all like you know".
Even the subjects that we have allied with over the years can now be distorted and rendered unrecognizable by frowning. All this effort to be different, different or original. It seems as if one of the visible manifestations of reading a book is that "I don't look at it like that" now. We had a lot of people saying "I don't think like you about it". Don't get me wrong, the problem is of course not that they don't think like we do. Although these people consume so many words and sentences, they cannot find the side they do not think like us from the mind drawers and put it on our table. However, for some reason, they do not give up their claims that they have said something else. The stubbornness of being someone else is a manifestation of the complex of not crawling to the one close to him. Being alienated from the self and standing close to what is actually someone else is the real intention hidden by this collusion, which can be regarded as temperament shift. How happy these people are to be addressed with the phrase “you are different” and creates a medal joy in their hearts. You are a Muslim, but different; you are from here, but different; We've witnessed many more personality customization phrases like you are like everyone else, but not like anyone else. Make you think about a lot of things to know what the words "you are different" bestow on you. Believe me, the situation will not be as you know. Obviously, the age we live in is the age of the departed from the herd, no matter how much you change and transform, you are deemed entitled to be motivated alone. The comfort of this will be enough to console you for a while.


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