Hüseyin Akın: "We are a forest"

Hüseyin Akın: "We are a forest"
Date: 3.8.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Hüseyin Akın writes on how humans to live. Here is the full article.

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The forest fires that occurred one after another in many parts of our country have saddened us all as a nation. Not only the trees but also the houses were burned to the ground in this fire. Hundreds of animals were caught in the middle of the flames and could not escape. We lost our lives in the fire in some places, especially in Manavgat. We lost 25-year-old martyr Şahin Akdemir, who had an accident while carrying water to firefighters on his motorcycle and was caught in the fire. There are other martyrs as well. Protecting a tree is like protecting a person, and protecting a forest is no different than protecting and defending a nation. Whatever the cause of the fire, there is no doubt that we can overcome it as a nation. Protecting forests from fires should be possible as soon as the first tree ignites, not after the fire starts and rises. Who knows how many other solutions there are, such as signaling and early warning systems, to prevent such disasters. It is necessary to put an end to unpredictable habits such as making fires and barbecuing in forests. This requires intense public awareness. Our being away from nature has made us forget our sensitivity about how to approach it as a society. The reforestation campaign is not just a post-fire job. The real mobilization is the sensitivity to protect and protect nature. Preserving the existing is much more cost-effective than bringing the non-existent into existence from scratch.
Venue Lanlako Two “book cafes” opened in Bursa Nilüfer and Yıldırım. In the forgotten phrase, it is a "kiraathane", that is, a place to read. I must say at first that the name Lanlako suits these places very well. This word points to an ideal, not a myth. Let's call it utopia. With the invitation of our friend Yavuz Selim Sürer, we were the first guests of the venue Lanlako last Friday evening. In the interviews we held first in Nilüfer and then in Yıldırım, we talked about "breaking the game" and "remembering what we lost" in the context of literature and art. I must admit that the attention of the place is quite open and dynamic. I would like to congratulate the managers and members of AGD in Bursa and its surroundings for their sincerity and hard work. I would like to thank my teacher Kadir Karip, who accompanied us and showed friendship in Bursa, Fatih Alim Daşpınar and everyone who participated in our conversation. We wish the place Lanlako will spread all over the country and become the pioneer of beauties.
Orhan Gazi Gökçe's pen and his words are in the same direction. Don't mind that you write less, this is a bit of holding back and a little bit of caution because you don't want to disturb the rhythm of reading. He wrote articles in many magazines and newspapers and made programs on television. Besides being an educator, he is also a person of culture and art. He writes more essays. It is necessary to evaluate the reviews and thesis articles separately. It bears signs that he will be an academic who does not fall prey to academicism. Orhan Gazi Gökçe is a writer who writes and speaks in a way that does not carry his voice beyond the environment he is in. If his environment had not warned him that what he wrote has a harmonious unity in itself, we would have had to wait longer to read him in a book and in a book. He collected his writings in a book called The Right to Get Tired. Whether a young writer has the Right to Get Tired, the reader will decide after reading the book. Post titles also help us to read the author as a character. Here you go: “Who is bleeding? Who is deceiving?”, “High Tension”, “The Last Whistle”, “From Surprise to Lethality”, “Some Gray Areas”… The first books make their way to the second book, pour their mortar, reveal their intentions. It is necessary to read the Right to Get Tired in this way. That's how I read it. I think Yeni Devir Publications has done a very good job for adding such a book to its library. Anyway, let me shut up, you read, dear reader, you decide! Remember three pages before and after prayers. Such books do not end as you read, they multiply.


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