Hüseyin Akın: "Where we fell"

Hüseyin Akın: "Where we fell"
Date: 20.1.2022 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Hüseyin Akın writes on daily life. Here is the full article.

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Where did we fall? Everyone will answer this question according to what height they found themselves on the ground. Those who have fallen from the roof, those who have fallen out of favor, those who have fallen into disrepair, those who have fallen into a cluster, those who have fallen from the roof, from the chimney, will all express a different experience. You can predict where we actually fall, according to where we want to get up. In other words, we have fallen from wherever we are trying to get up. Our social decline is nothing more than the "culture" we are trying to get up from. We are trying to stand up with the culture. It is debatable to what extent we have achieved this. 
But at least we have serious moves to succeed. We witnessed one of these recently. With the efforts of AGD Vice President Fatih Evyapan, a series of cultural "cultural talks" programs were held for the first time. Experts and competent figures in many fields such as cinema, theatre, literature, social media and culture and arts publishing tried to summarize the issue with speeches like Ted X conferences limited to 15 minutes. Despite being a first, the talks were extremely successful. It would be beneficial for these cultural studies to continue and diversify. It is also beneficial to spread the conferences based on stage performances to Anatolia under different themes. It is necessary to think a little more about culture and exchange views. In this way, we will also provide the awareness of reading that we could not put into place.
The more we forget, the more we will seek. Everything forgotten is lost. Some things are lost after being forgotten, and some things are forgotten after they are lost. In both cases, it is necessary to resort to memory. This is exactly where modern education will come to its senses. It is to remind new generations what they have lost and then teach them where to find what they have lost. Drinking a glass of water on top of what you lost and forgot is perhaps the biggest reason for cultural corruption. We have to take remembering and reminding from the memory level and transform it into a certain lesson discipline. Otherwise, our complaints will never end. I think the current examples reveal how much of a deadlock the generations who sacrificed what they had lost and started to look for a new one got into. Educating has never felt the need for a mission to “remind”. It is always tried to put something hastily in its place so that the forgotten things are not remembered again. The purpose is to cancel yesterday's memory and build a new memory. However, such an approach in raising people is a vicious one no matter how one looks at it. Memory, like knowledge itself, is cumulative. An education that tries to make one forget is not education but melting. A consciousness that can sort out the useful in its own memory and eliminate the unnecessary, knows what to keep in mind and how long. Genuine education does not do loading and shipping. It allows the student to determine and appoint himself, by strengthening his ability to differentiate in choosing the one that suits him or her.


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