Hüseyin Akın: "Youth needs courage"

Hüseyin Akın: "Youth needs courage"
Date: 19.5.2020 17:45

Milli Gazete columnist Hüseyin Akın writes on youth. Here is the full article.

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The ideal age of human life: Youth! The season that comes out of childhood and before reaching adulthood. A symbolic age of power and strength, even without experience. It is always passed from there to wisdom. The old ones of those who have a well-woven fabric become a dervish brother. Why shouldn't the forty side patch be a testimony to the have been around? Childhood is not an age of reaching out, because it is not like youth. Children suddenly want to climb into adulthood. Take a look at their answers to the question of what will happen, none of them are youthful desires. They dream of their adult profession. Young means “treasure” in Persian. This is an expression that expresses a wish. In other words, it contains the advice that “those who spend their youth in vain waste their wealth”.
The age of youth is the era in which the life span of the human being is the toughest test. Because desires and desires are at the peak, emotions are constantly struggling with logic. Therefore, if he could not afford to be Yusuf, this season is "temptation to temptation". So are the ideas, if they leave a youth power behind them, they will have the chance to spread themselves to future times. 
If we take a look at the order of deception, the ones who have been deceived most in life are the ones living in the youth age. Because they think that this dynamic and ecstatic life will last a lifetime. Until the minds come to thought. It does not have such an expectation since childhood does not have an age of apprehension and appeal. Because everything is game. They try to adapt to the sky, soil, wind, moon, sun and rain. Childhood states are astonishing exercises of having never been born before. It leaves its place to mature and adult people in the face of the passing of youth age without any feeling. Adult person means a person who compensates for the negligence of the young person and has huge responsibilities on his shoulders. The age of great changes and transformations is always this adult season. Of course, on the condition that we exclude the age when Fatih conquered Istanbul.
It is a kind of toy and also youth. In addition to what we say is a child, there are also those we give and donate to their youth. There is also a post-age age where the piles are not so I should never say it better. The forties are mental and spiritual adolescence. It should not be a coincidence that the prophet came to this age at this age. The moral bill for societies is neither made to adults, nor to children or the elderly. Young people are responsible for every negative thing. After many complaints are listed, such as they do not have any respect, they do not listen, they disrupt the moral structure, the bill is always issued to the “young people of the present”.
I don't think young people are different from yesterday's young people. Maybe I can't see this difference. The madness of his blood makes a person a young man and he does not avoid his knot. Because he has no time to stop and think. There is no one who can say, "There is a child in a possible ruin." All the rationale and materials are ready for yesterday. Is that how old a man is? He thinks ten times even to get angry. When he looks, he sees a lot of people behind him. Youth is the age of love. Nothing has a decision at this age. Young traveling around. Adult people do not have the courage to walk even on trails. It has a hard time going uphill. When he sees the slope, he comes to his life.
Youth is a breathless run. He pursues such success, career, fame, money and ideals that he cannot even realize that his destination is a lost youth. One of the reasons why youth is passing fast is the rushing race of young people.
Think of every old person you see as a young person of the time. Nobody comes to this world as adults, adolescents or elders. The station where life will carry people reaches that point. How much there is in a person. Childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood, adulthood, old age are all collected in one person. Aging people neither miss childhood nor call adulthood, necessarily youth.
There are many people who take care of the child in it, I have never seen anyone trying to keep the youth inside. I wonder why? Let me say what I can think of: Youth wants courage!


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