İbrahim Halil Er: "Democracy and British strategy"

İbrahim Halil Er: "Democracy and British strategy"
Date: 16.6.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist İbrahim Halil Er writes on British colonialism. Here is the full article.

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Britain is the world's greatest colonial power. But British colonialism is not based solely on power. This success is the product of the British mind and strategy. Before the Britains occupies a place, they disrupt the whole system of values ​​and the entire structure of the region.
Thus, the region becomes open to occupation. Because their entire system of resistance and values ​​is broken. There was discord among them. Their spirituality has collapsed. In fact, the Britains also obtained recruited people from the region who wanted and accepted themselves. Thus, when the British occupied a place, they formed a group that applauded themselves.
All this is called the British brain and strategy. The turmoil in the Middle East today is mainly caused by the British. It is the queen who rules the world from behind the scenes. This is the cause of all the turmoil. As an Indian proverb says: “If two fish fight in a river, know that a long-legged Englishman has passed there. ”But most people don't see the English factor. Although England rules the whole world and is the cause of all the turmoil, it stays behind and manages not to be seen. The struggle against imperialism cannot be successful without the understanding of England's strategy. Even today, people don't know who the England nation is and what it really is. It is not known that Canada and Australia are still colonial… It has become such a ghost force.
England is at odds with Muslims and is still trying to cut off all of its veins to prevent Muslims from ever going back on the stage of civilization. So it puts discord between them. For this reason, it has established an intelligence organization with a strong orientalist infrastructure. The main source of theological debates brought up by academics in our theology today as something new is England and orientalists. As a result of their research, they tried to raise debate and doubt around Islam and unfortunately they succeeded.
Nowadays, every issue of Islam has been opened to discussion on the axis of the theology community, and even a common ground for Muslims to ally is no longer left. These pleasures raise suspicion by constantly appearing on television and bringing these issues to the agenda. Thus they serve English imperialism. Some are aware of this and others think that they are doing something good, that is, they are not aware of it and serve the English purpose. However, the issue they are talking about cannot solve the problems of Muslims. It is not a matter of confirming people in the sense of faith. Discussing these issues on television does not help. Unfortunately, thanks to the British strategy, these issues are constantly brought up. Because England does not leave the Muslims, it sees that to break apart the minds of Muslims is essential for its own survival. Muslims are exhausting their energy by grappling with these empty issues and do not see the real colonial power.


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