Ibrahim Veli: "Ankara Plus"

Ibrahim Veli: "Ankara Plus"
Date: 12.9.2018 14:00

Milli Gazete writer Ibrahim Veli writes about Turkey's new economy system. Here is the full article.

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The age of the illness is important, not the age of the patient. In this respect, the age of the disease in the country's economy is even higher than in the republic. So even though the body is young, resistance to the disease is insufficient. The government, which was established after 24 June, can not give direction to the economy as it does not consider this reality. Because it left the rituals incomplete. Haji Bayram prayed, was gathered in the first parliament, but "Ankara Palace" did not suffer. Ankara Palas, who is trying to plan the investment and development paradigm of this country in a way that will create resistance to the disease, can not be understood without being understood "heavy" problems in the economy.
It is seen when "Heavy Industry" is viewed again from this point of view and the "100 Day Action Plan" is examined; targets to be realized in many subjects, from economical industrialization, foreign trade to urbanism, foreign policy to defense, education to health, agriculture to technology, are not enough to solve the severe problems that are going on! Because the facts covered in 16 years can not be compensated in 100 days. In fact, if we do not give up on the idea of ​​finding a hot money, we may have to face bigger and bitter truths in the next 16 months. The paradigm shift is inevitable and the "borrowed" economy should be emancipated from the "production-based" economy.
In that case, the steps to be taken after this should be "plus" and "more". From this point of view, the support offered by the Ministry of Industry and Technology Support and Precautionary Package is not "plus", although the headings are "classy". With the "Localization Program", efforts to localize our priority product groups are a late goal. Effective implementation of "Industrial Cooperation Projects" is not rational in this process, where cost inflation is constantly increasing. Instead of "Free Boundary Land Borrowing in OIZs", the products that are still produced should be supported by the purchasing power of the state. Claims to be collected from SMEs in 2018 should be deferred until 2019 rather than deferred until 2017.
The crisis is the speed of turning from a mistake that turns into a frigate. Plus steps are expected to support interest-free and production partnership that will increase the power of our country. Ankara is wanted to focus on the rage rather than the money. "Ankara Plus" which will build on a different understanding, concept and paradigm of the future in the future will reveal plans and projects of belief and commitment. Because there is a Ankara, in Ankara ...


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