Ibrahim Veli: "Developmental ethics"

Ibrahim Veli: "Developmental ethics"
Date: 9.1.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ibrahim Veli writes about developmental ethics. Here is the full article.

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If the debates on artificial intelligence come to se moral dimensions, the morality of development should be questioned. If Germany has prepared the world's first code of ethics for self-working cars and the AI ​​DeepMind company has established an ethics and community union, the issue of basic principles and policies that drive development should be in the first place. The yakından morality of development malı led by the private sector, accelerated by technology, and closely followed by civil society, should have a general framework on the common views of the researchers.
This framework can be determined by questions and inquiries. For example, how many developing countries develop in a few years can be started. The investment and development paradigm of the developing countries can be transformed to create resistance to the disease. Instead of the blue collar, white collar and the metal collar competition, progress can be made towards increasing the potential and performance of human capital.
In the name of our country; "What is the way to doubling the manufacturing industry with $ 1,600 per capita in Turkey?" To this "conversion rate of the projects supported products can be upgraded to how"! The world's center of political and economic power from west to east record as a period in order to benefit us in the best shape of new opportunities in Turkey; not what we find, what we're looking for. Capital changes dimension and shows success examples; We must focus on dynamic capabilities such as competence use, organizational intelligence, idea management and digital transformation.
Turkey's economy "vision of inventory and information" should be based on the opening show. The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) 2003-2023 Vision study identified areas of focus as data-based. Agriculture, animal husbandry, electricity, electronics, rail systems, energy related to them, science, technology, nano technology has specified the work to be done in areas. Then what is important today; to apply knowledge in a useful way. At this point, the morality of development is as much as it is to know.
The value-added move that will increase the value of the products we export over 1.44 cents at the moment will be an indicator of our development ethics. A morality to assess the information, the escape route will not search, the way out looks for! Because it is the speed at which the crisis is turned into an opportunity. Turkey once again when changing the management system, depends on our long-term thinking and to design a system according to the new trends emerge in the world of development ethics. In that case; Don't underestimate your potential!


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