İbrahim Veli: "Make it simple"

İbrahim Veli: "Make it simple"
Date: 3.3.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist İbrahim Veli writes human mind and emotions. Here is the full article.

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Mind; it becomes clear as you move away from uncertainty, confusion, and doubt. Open mind simplifies making the right choice by processing information and processes. This simplification triggers understanding and directs mental perception to the essence, the essence. When the real and essence is simplified, the way people express themselves leaves their place to the mentality of expressing themselves. Thanks to simple (basic / basic) approaches in every subject, you can focus on the "what should be" without getting stuck with the "what is".
Purposing Life
Introducing is a mind-boggling effort by simplifying it. Mindfulness is carried out in four fields in spirit, science, body and material. Spiritual preparation is a process that includes a purposeful mission. Scientific preparation; It is the practice of measuring and evaluating the tools that lead to the goal. Physical and material preparations; It is the activation of the means and possibilities for the purpose from the potential.
The person who has astonishing power and equipment as directing and directing should have the excitement of learning both aspects as soul and body. Only one-way (body) excitement efforts tire the heart. In order to excite the heart, it takes a responsibility to “act” what it knows. This is the most valuable work that reveals the value of life.
Making Sense of Life
Human beings have an aspect of pursuing ambition, as well as an aspect of pursuing divine love. As knowledge cleans the mind and gains consciousness, as morality clears the emotions by appealing to the mind, man gains dignity. Thus, he can reach a position that is self-sufficient and able to recognize himself and his surroundings. In this way, it becomes the one who knows what he wants and is aware of what he can do. Otherwise, he will be a prisoner of his greed.
One can avoid being a prisoner of ambition by developing basic (simple) approaches and making bold decisions. It can produce positive results by understanding, defining, classifying and solving problems. Thus, it can strengthen the connection between the wrist that stretches the spring and the heart that shoots the arrow. Making sense of life depends on it.
Discovering the Essence
When you dig deep into the problems we are experiencing, it will be seen that the solution is realized by those who do not know what they want, and the solution is provided only by those who know what they want. In order to both reduce problems and increase solutions, we must go through a mind-boggling simplification process.
The man who simplifies invests in a will that pursues ideals. It supports this will to make decisions that will make use of the opportunities. Thus, it finds the lost meaning of leadership and nurtures it with a culture of consultation. It contributes to discover the essence of both himself and the people he is with as he is nourished. He speaks with his heart, and becomes quiet with his heart.


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