IDDEF opens a mosque and orphanage in Afghanistan

IDDEF opens a mosque and orphanage in Afghanistan
Date: 15.11.2023 11:00

IDDEF supported Afghanistan's reconstruction and revival struggle after the occupation and civil war and added new permanent works projects and built mosques and orphanages in the cities of Takhar and Ghazni.

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The Federation of Associations That Value Humanity (IDDEF) opened the Mahmud Ustaosmanoğlu Orphanage, built in the city of Ghazni with the support of philanthropists, and the Mahmud Ustaosmanoğlu Mosque, completed in the city of Takhar, in Afghanistan, where it continues its education and humanitarian aid activities.
IDDEF Board Members and the İsmailağa delegation, who went from Turkey to Afghanistan, attended the opening ceremonies and made a series of visits and contacts.


IDDEF, which continues its emergency aid work against the humanitarian crisis, earthquake and immigrants in Afghanistan, and supports the Afghan people with works such as education, permanent works, humanitarian aid and water wells, continues its services such as mosques, madrasahs and orphanages.
Finally, IDDEF, which built a mosque with the architecture of Kubbetu's Sahra Mosque in the capital Kabul, opened an orphanage that will provide a roof for orphaned children and a mosque where local people can perform their prayers and receive education, with the support of philanthropists from Türkiye.


In the statement made by IDDEF following words were used:
"Friendly and brotherly country Afghanistan is trying to quickly eliminate deficiencies and solve problems in every aspect, especially after the end of the occupation period. While we have inaugurated and laid the foundations of dozens of permanent works, we recently opened the Mahmud Ustaosmanoğlu Orphanage in the city of Ghazni. Our orphanage, with a usable area of 750 square meters on a total area of 1042 square meters, has two floors and consists of 22 classrooms. We hope that our orphanage, which is planned to accommodate and educate 650 orphan students, will be beneficial to Afghanistan. Our second opening was in the city of Takhar with our delegation from Türkiye. Our single-storey mosque, built on an area of 900 square meters, was planned to meet both the worship and education needs of the local people. Our Mahmud Ustaosmanoğlu Mosque will also be an education center for 320 students in the region."


Donors can participate in IDDEF's other ongoing permanent works projects in Afghanistan via the "" website, via FAST/EFT/money transfer to relevant account numbers, by visiting representative offices in various provinces and districts of Türkiye or by calling +902126210065. You can get detailed information and support from the call center.


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