IDDEF's humanitarian aid trucks reach Gaza

IDDEFs humanitarian aid trucks reach Gaza
Date: 29.11.2023 15:00

The 10-truck aid convoy of the Federation of Associations That Value Human Beings (IDDEF), carrying emergency life products such as rations, medicine and medical supplies loaded from the aid depot in Egypt, passed through the Rafah Border Gate and reached Gaza.

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The Federation of Associations That Value Humanity (IDDEF) has been delivering aid, with the support of philanthropists, to its Palestinian brothers in Gaza, who have been displaced due to Israel's continuous attacks since October 7 and have taken shelter in schools and hospitals.
In this context, IDDEF provides bread and hot meals from its teams and warehouse in Gaza, and clean drinking water from its water treatment facility. Following the humanitarian pause, 10 trucks carrying emergency supplies such as rations, medicine and medical supplies were delivered to Gaza from its warehouse in Egypt. With the delivery of basic food needs, especially flour, rice and oil, IDDEF teams worked hard to provide hot meals.


In the statement made by IDDEF, which established a humanitarian aid material warehouse with local supply infrastructure in Egypt, "As IDDEF, since the first day of the intense bombardment in occupied Gaza, we have been boiling our cauldrons and serving hot meals and 50 thousand pieces of bread to 9 thousand people daily, as well as providing ambulances and clean water. We also distribute meat and prepare hot meals in Gaza, where cattle sacrifices continue. In addition to the aid we have provided from our warehouse in Gaza to date, we have sent 10 trucks carrying aid to Gaza during a humanitarian break," it was stated.


In the press release, it was stated that aid to Gaza would continue.
"We continue to deliver aid supplies loaded with medicine, medical supplies, food and water to hospitals, schools and our oppressed brothers in our aid convoy that entered Gaza through the Rafah Border Gate. With God's permission, we aim to regularly deliver 3 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid materials to the border every week. Especially in the north of the Gaza Strip, which has been devastated by attacks, 700 thousand people cannot access basic services. As IDDEF, our primary call is to ensure a permanent ceasefire in Gaza as soon as possible," the statement added.


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