Idlib knot untied in Moscow

Idlib knot untied in Moscow
Date: 6.3.2020 12:00

A ceasefire decision came out of the Putin-Erdogan meeting.

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After the pressure rising in Idlib, Syria, we had 36 martyrs in the treacherous attack last week. Under the shadow of this tension, the bilateral meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin held in Moscow yesterday took 2 hours 40 minutes, while the total talks lasted 5 hours 40 minutes. Later delegations came together. After the meeting, Russian President Putin and President Erdogan, who came across the cameras, announced that the ceasefire decision was agreed.


After the negotiations, the two leaders came together in front of cameras.
Putin, "We were able to compromise based on the reconciliations that were always achieved in critical situations, we were producing solutions, and so it is today. We prepared a joint document. We believe that the common document will be a ceasefire in the Idlib region," he said.
President Erdoğan, "The regime is the primary responsible for the developments leading to the disruption of the Idlib agreement. (In Idlib), the ceasefire will enter into force as of 00.01 at night. It is inevitable to create a new status in Idlib after the sad events of the regime's aggression targeting our soldiers," he said.


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