IHH provides support to 80 thousand people in Gaza

IHH provides support to 80 thousand people in Gaza
Date: 17.11.2023 11:00

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation continues its aid efforts in Gaza, where the humanitarian crisis is growing due to the massacres of the occupying Israel.

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Occupied Israel, which committed the crime of genocide with the massacres it carried out in Gaza, disregarded international law; It continues its attacks without distinguishing between women, children, elderly and civilians.
IHH, which has been providing humanitarian aid to those in need in Gaza since 2007, continues to support the people of Gaza after the attacks launched by the occupying Israel on October 7.


Since October 7, when the latest attacks against Gaza began, IHH has been in the city; 51 thousand 840 hot meals, 4 thousand 112 food parcels, 2 thousand blankets, 500 dresses, 800 hygiene packages and 120 packages of patient diapers were distributed.
1160 first aid kits were distributed.
On the other hand, other aid provided by the foundation;
500 medicines and medical supplies, 1,160 first aid kits, 10 wheelchairs, 9 medical beds, 5 equipment that provides walking support for patients, 6 crutches, 485 liters of fuel for hospitals and ambulances and distribution of hot meals to 1,200 people a day.


Since IHH's Mavi Marmara Martyrs Soup Kitchen in Gaza has become completely unusable due to the attacks of the occupying Israel, hot meals are distributed to 1,200 people daily in mobile soup kitchens established at various points in Gaza.
The Foundation also started distributing bread to 500 families a day through a bakery it supports in Gaza.
Around 80 thousand Gazans have benefited from the Foundation's humanitarian aid efforts since October 7.


Donors who want to support the people of Gaza can donate 30 TL by texting GAZZE from any operator and sending a text message to 3072.
Those who want to donate more can donate any amount they want via online donation on the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation's website or by writing GAZZE in the description section of the foundation's bank account numbers.


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