Imam Hatip students to memorize Qur'an and learn 4 languages

Imam Hatip students to memorize Quran and learn 4 languages
Date: 9.11.2018 16:00

Imam Hatip School students, who receive education to memorize Qur'an along with school's education in Batman, east Turkey, are also learning four languages.

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As part of the project runs by the Ministry of National Education, Directorate General for Religious Education and Diyanet, İmam Hatip students in Batman city are memorizing al-Qur'an along with school's education while they also receive education on learning Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic and English.
For students studying at the Anatolian Girl Imam Hatip High School of Batman, 2 memorizing Qur'an classes were opened at the secondary level. Secondary school students take the first basic knowledge of Hafiz education [memorizing Qur'an] during summer vacation and continue to receive hafiz education in 2018-2019 school season.
Giving information about the project, Zeynep Özlem Sevim, one of the managers of Imam Hatip High School of Batman, said the students of Imam Hatip secondary school will be given hafiz education and cultural lessons as well as language training.
"The Hafiz project is a first in Batman"
Expressing that she is an English teacher responsible from the dormitory, Sevim said, "In July and August, we started to prepare our students to step by step. We do what we have to do in accordance with the hafiz training plan."
Saying that they make students to memorize surahs and prays systematically, Sevim underlined that both, cultural and hafiz educations have been providing in their school.


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