Immigration plan of the century!

Immigration plan of the century!
Date: 28.11.2019 15:00

The US and Israel are planning to move Palestinians to Iraq.

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A new insidious plan emerges every day within the framework of the imposition of the century by the imperialist USA and Zionist Israel. 
Iraqi politician Izzet Shabender announced that the United States and the occupation state Israel, under the UAE financiers, plan to separate Iraq's Al Anbar province into a confederation and place Palestinian refugees there.
Izzet Shabender, an independent Iraqi politician, stated that within the scope of the 'Agreement of the Century', four tribes were armed in Iraq's Al Anbar province and the province was planned to leave Iraq as a confederation. He said that the plan to settle Palestinian refugees in Al Anbar, which will leave Iraq in the form of a confederation, is the economic financier of the plan and the United Arab Emirates. Sources told Al-Meyadin, confirming Shabender's statements that the UAE has provided financial support to some demonstrators in Iraq.
The provocation of Iraqi demonstrations is not in vain
Speaking to the Iraqi media last May, Izzet Shabender expressed the Israeli regime's plan to penetrate and divide the Sunni settlements of Iraq and said that some Iraqi leaders had recently met with the Israelis in Europe.
Izzet Shabender, "Some Iraqi leaders recently met with senior Zionist officials in Europe to begin implementing Iraq's plan to cut off Iraqi liaison with Syria and Lebanon," he said.
In line with this plan, the US will soon train and equip them with a force of ten thousand people and will rebuild their cities with foreign investments.
Separation Plan from Iraq's Neighbors
According to Israel's plan, the Sunni regions of western Iraq will work for the people to demand the establishment of a confederation state. That is to say, the complete separation from Iraq and consequently the separation of Iraq from the land with Lebanon and Syria.
Referring to the US pressure on Iraq, Shabender said, "Trump does not allow Iraq to stay away from the Iranian issue or find a middle way. but Iraq has neither conditions to act against Iran nor to stand against the US in favor of Iran. Either way, he will face a very difficult situation."
"The US government should know that Iran has allies in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria, and they are ready to sacrifice themselves to Iran, kill the Americans and send them to Washington with coffins, former Iraqi government spokesman Izzet Shabender said.


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