Imperialist alliance in the Eastern Mediterranean

Imperialist alliance in the Eastern Mediterranean
Date: 11.7.2019 13:00

While the rich natural gas deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean increase the appetite of Western states, especially the Greeks, the waters warm up in the region.

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The rich natural gas resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially the Greeks, the Western states, the case is swelling. 
It was brought over to Turkey and the TRNC in the region who want to usurp the right of the US and EU imperialist forces spearheaded an alliance against Turkey. Yavuz's second drilling ship to reach the island of Cyprus open after the United States sent the Eastern Mediterranean region after Turkey's Fatih ship, the EU, Israel, responses came from Egypt and France.


Area remotely close to irrelevant, but exploiting all underground resources in the world, the US State Department in his written statement, a spokesman for Morgan Ortagus; "The United States, Turkey's Cyprus from ongoing initiatives to drilling activities in the open and the delivery of the last drilling vessel Yavuz Peninsula open is deeply concerned. Defining the shipment of Yavuz to the region as ok provocative, Ortagus said, "We call on the Turkish authorities to stop these operations and invite them to avoid steps that will increase the tension in the region".


For years, the persecution of Muslims and occupying Palestinian land in Israel lies within the alliance formed against Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean. Turkey's Foreign Minister Spokesman Emmanuel Nahsho the eastern end of the steps taken by Israel in the Mediterranean. Spokesman Nahshon stated that he was with the Greek Cypriot administration and opposed the kes violation of their rights in. Fatih then the second drill ship sent by Turkey's eastern Mediterranean Yavuz, was reported to have reached the southern cape of victory in the previous day.
Egypt reacted Sisi coup led to Turkey's drilling activities. Egypt's Foreign Ministry acting with Western states, underlines the need to respect international law, "Turkey's unilateral as his work increases the tension in the region," the statement said. In 2013, the Egyptian coup d'état, which had signed an agreement with the Greek Cypriot Administration on natural gas deposits in the Mediterranean, declared that it did not recognize Ankara and declared that it had no international validity.
France is another country where rich underground resources increase the appetite. Area Another colonial state is not remotely interested in solidarity with the Greek part of France is opposed to Turkey. France, stating that they are in solidarity with the Greek Cypriot administration, Turkey has stated the need to respect international law. The EU is also taking a stand against Turkey self as expected, it also supports the imperialist states found its members. EU High Representative regarding the issue Federica Mogher "Turkey will endanger the stability of the region should refrain from any action," he said.


The statement made by the Foreign Ministry, west of the island of Cyprus early May of belonging Fatih ship Turkey in Turkey, Turkey Petroleum to license given in 2009 and 2012 in areas of Turkey and the United Nations (UN) continent which declared started drilling activities within the shelf. The statement continued as follows: "We reject the statements made by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EU officials, which call these activities of our country illegal. In these statements, it is an indication that the Turkish Cypriots who are co-founders of the Republic of Cyprus but whose rights have been extorted since 1963 are not mentioned at all and treated as if there were no Turkish Cypriots on the island."


The EU has also become an actor of this unlawfulness as a partner of the Greek-Greek duo through the rights of the Turkish Cypriots, one of the equal owners of the island. The statement, "Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean as it protects its own continental shelf rights, the Greek Cypriot side will continue to Cyprus to take decisions, including revenue sharing in Turkey hydrocarbon resources, which do not include the mechanisms and rights around the island unless they guarantee the rights of the Turkish Cypriot people and the interests of the defense". North Cyprus Turkish Republic (TRNC) Prime Minister Ersin Tatar react to the EU's stance on drilling operations in Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean, the EU's stance pro-Greek-Greek watched since the beginning, he said, drag the Cyprus issue further deadlock.


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