Individual armament continues to take the lives

Individual armament continues to take the lives
Date: 6.10.2018 16:00

According to the crime statistics of the last 10 years, the number of crimes committed by licensed firearms is 25 thousand 547; The number of crimes committed by cutting and perforating instruments is 201 out of 216.

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In Turkey, a result of the fire with a shotgun in entertainment and events about 600 people are losing their lives every year. The increasing number of mafia subjects in the TV and internet series triggers individual armament more, while no obstacle steps are taken. Many sites in the Internet environment, selling weapons uncontrollably, even if not enough air pistol is sold. Firearms are found in one out of three households, while 70 percent of murder cases use firearms. Uncontrolled incentives individual armament.
"Every year about 600 people as a result of the fire with a shotgun in Turkey entertainment and events lose their lives," said Akcan, "the wedding of the wedding in order to prevent maganda teams should be established. Such applications will be a deterrent to magandas, he said. As a result of the uncontrolled sale of arms, two children were wounded in Ordu and Zonguldak during the celebrations held after the feast. A child was shot in the clash in Adana, Istanbul, a child playing in the garden of the site in Pendik Istanbul, "do not make noise," he was shot in the back by his neighbor. The assailant, who wounded the little girl, was released because she did not die, but on reactions she was arrested. Maraşucta also fired the air in the wedding of the expert Sergeant Kurt among the guests and killed his 1-year-old grandchild in his lap. The wedding was opened in Sivas and Siirt. As a result of the fire opened in Siirt 31 thousand 500 volts high-voltage line fell on the guests fell. In Samsun Fish Festival, there were injuries and deaths with guns thrown into the air.
In order to prevent these murders, it was stated that individual armament is a crime. Ayhan Akcan, In order to prevent an individual armament, citizens should be able to reach out and complain about the establishment of a tip line and the sale of weapons from the internet should be urgently prohibited. In addition, it is necessary to explain that individual arming is a crime and not innocent with public spots. Ayhan Akcan stated that kesici incentive to ban the exhibition should be introduced on TV and internet TV series. If there is ice and alcohol, it should be used for firearm and cutting tools. All kinds of weapons, alcohol and cigarettes are more dangerous, he said.


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