Insistence on punishment for insult that does not exist

Insistence on punishment for insult that does not exist
Date: 30.3.2021 13:00

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, who made unfounded allegations against the Felicity (Saadet) Party in the March 31 Local Elections, also used insulting sentences in his speech in Üsküdar.

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Yildiray Çamlıca of the Saadet Party and Rıdvan Çamlıca, who were in the area, were detained for answering Soylu. Members of the organization, Yıldıray and Rıdvan Çamlıca, who were prosecuted for "insulting a public official", were sentenced to fines, although they did not insult them.
Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, who made insulting speeches against Saadet Party during the March 31 Local Elections, made unfounded allegations against the members of the Saadet Party in his speech in Üsküdar and repeated them insistently. Saadet Party Yıldıray Çamlıca and Rıdvan Çamlıca, who listened to Soylu in the region, were detained due to their expressions against Soylu and a lawsuit was filed against them for insulting a public official. The case at the Istanbul 38th Criminal Court of First Instance was concluded yesterday. In addition to the defendants, lawyers Cem Kaya Karatün and Yusuf Baydar attended the hearing. It was stated that the statements of the witnesses heard during the hearing did not use insulting expressions against the Minister of Interior Soylu.


Nevzat Akçaoğlu, who was heard as a witness, said that the Minister of the Interior Süleyman Soylu said a name from the Saadet Party during the speech and said, "They signed with the PKK".
On the other hand, the defendant Yildiray Çamlıca, "Whoever signed an agreement with the PKK is dishonest and dishonorable," he said. 
Witness Hüseyin Aksoy, on the other hand, said that while they had a chat with Yıldıray Çamlıca and had tea on the day of the incident, they heard that Minister Soylu was coming and that he would give a speech. Witness Aksoy stated the following in his words:
"When the minister said that Saadet Party was cooperating with the HDP, our friend Yıldıray shouted, 'Lie, God damn whoever cooperates with them.' Then the chaos ensued."


Cem Kaya Karatün, one of the lawyers who attended the hearing held at the Istanbul 38th Criminal Court of First Instance as a defendant's attorney, said the following in his assessment to our newspaper about what happened in the court:
"The court only relied on the statements of the police officers, who were the witnesses of the complainant and publicly under his command. There is a procedure in the penal code. After the complainant relinquishes his complaint, he cannot be represented by a deputy Since Süleyman Soylu gave up his complaint, his lawyer cannot attend the hearing. However, the other party's lawyer entered the court, we objected but was not accepted. Moreover, the court promised Soylu's lawyer when he should not have promised. During the defense of the merits, the other party's attorney influenced the trial with their objections. The last word in the courts belongs to the defense. However, in this court, the last word was given to the lawyer of the other party and their objections were asked. We will follow this case by appealing."


The defendant Rıdvan Çamlıca, who made his defense on the merits, demanded that he did not insult anyone on the day of the incident, that he did not commit any crime and therefore his acquittal be decided.
The other defendant, Yıldıray Çamlıca, stated that he did not insult anyone, "I did not say a bad word to the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu. I request my acquittal," he said.


The court, which listened to the statements of the defendants, the witnesses and the defense of the lawyers, sentenced the defendants to fines. Members of the Organization, Yıldıray and Rıdvan Çamlıca, were sentenced to a fine in the case filed, although they did not have any insults against Soylu. Saadet Party members will pay 7 thousand 80 liras separately as the price of insult. The way for appeal was left open for the decision. Cem Kaya Karatün and Yusuf Baydar, the defendant's lawyers, emphasized that they would appeal the decision and that they were the followers of the case.


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