Interest lobby on the door

Interest lobby on the door
Date: 12.2.2021 16:00

Banks will now be able to reach the citizens who were captured by banks due to the deep economic crisis and financial difficulties.

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With the "Distance Customer Acquisition" system, which is specially prepared for banks and will start on March 1, the interest lobby will be able to reach the door of the citizen.
The banking sector, which makes the interest rate system stronger by turning the coronavirus process into an opportunity, is preparing a new interest trap for the citizens with the "Remote Customer Acquisition" system developed by Enqura. The system, which will be put into practice under the name of facilitating banking transactions, was introduced under the title "The race to acquire customers remotely in banks begins on March 1". 
The system, which will facilitate the interest and credit claw, was coined with Law No. 7247.


In Turkey, a new interest trap is being prepared for citizens who have been sentenced to banks more by the coronavirus epidemic. Using the restrictions imposed due to the epidemic as an excuse, the banking sector will make it easier for people to be captured by banks with the "Remote Customer Acquisition" application. With the "EnVerify" system developed by Enqura, the citizen will now be dragged from his home into the swamp of interest. The new practice, which makes transactions between banks that have become interest barons easier, has been coined with legal regulations.
Thanks to the "Distance Customer Acquisition" system, which was prepared with the excuse of saving costs in paper, postal and courier services, it will be possible for banks to make their customers more dependent on them. In today's world, where mobile banking is getting faster and interest rates are more accessible, encouraging haram in this way is a matter of concern.


With the "EnVerify" system introduced under the title of "The Race for Remote Customer Acquisition in Banks starts on March 1", electronic banking transactions will be taken to a new dimension. The system, which will facilitate the interest and credit claw, was adapted to its cover with Law No. 7247. The government, which claims that it wages war on interest at every opportunity, thus facilitates the work of banks. On the other hand, the new system, which makes it easier to obtain credit cards and loans, makes the interest rate quagm more attractive.


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