Iranian detained for hanging ‘British flag-designed towel’

Iranian detained for hanging ‘British flag-designed towel’
Date: 20.5.2020 14:00

Turkish authorities have detained an Iranian national for hanging a towel emblazoned with the British Union Jack flag from a building during a Turkish public holiday, officials and news reports said.

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Mohammad Reza K., who has been living in the central Anatolian province of Kayseri for a while, was detained following complaints by neighbors who deemed the display of the Union Jack design to be a provocative act.
The man defended himself by saying he was merely drying his wet towel, the Kayseri governor’s office said in a statement.
“Necessary legal procedures have been initiated about the foreign national,” it said in the statement.
Turks celebrate May 19 Youth and Sports Day by among other things, displaying Turkish flags out of windows and balconies.
The holiday commemorates the start of Turkey’s War of Independence on May 19, 1919 against occupying forces, including from Britain, following World War I.
Neighbors clapped and cheered as police escorted the detained man into a police vehicle, media reports said.


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