Iran's Rouhani: "America is an international pirate"

Irans Rouhani: "America is an international pirate"
Date: 26.9.2019 14:00

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in his speech at the United Nations that the United States is an international pirate.

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Speaking at the podium of the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations, Iranian President Hasan Rouhani made assessments on the developments in the Middle East.
Stating that Iran has fulfilled its obligations under the 'Nuclear Agreement', he said that there will be no talks with the United States as long as spiritual sanctions continue.
Stating that the Middle East has been transformed into a bloodbath with war and occupation, Rouhani said that Palestine is the state most affected by this crisis.
Criticizing the Zionist Israeli regime in his speech at the UN, Rouhani said, "The American and Zionist intrigues imposed, such as 'the Deal of the Century', the designation of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist regime and the participation of the Golan Heights in other occupied areas, are certainly doomed."
Expressing that the United States is engaged in international piracy, Rouhani said, "The United States, which implements brutal economic terrorism, is engaged in international piracy. As long as the sanctions continue, we will not negotiate the nuclear agreement. We cannot accept negotiations with the United States under pressure.
Rouhani stated that Iran has fulfilled its obligations under the 'Nuclear Agreement' and said, "Iran has remained loyal to all its nuclear commitments despite the withdrawal of the US. In honor of the UN Security Council resolution, we have given Europe the opportunity to fulfill its 11 obligations to stabilize US exit, but unfortunately we have only heard good words and have not seen effective action."
Ruhani, who made statements about the sanctions imposed by the US on Iran, said, "We Iranians have been the pioneers of nations in the freedom movement; we have always demanded peace and prosperity for ourselves and our neighbors and have never surrendered to external aggression and oppression. We do not believe the invitation to negotiate with those who say that they apply the most harsh sanctions in history against the honor and livelihood of our nation."


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