Iraq Between State and Statelessness

Iraq Between State and Statelessness
Date: 6.10.2019 17:26

The waters in Iraq are not settled. Now the people have been out on the streets because of complaints of "unemployment, corruption and lack of public service". There are over 100 dead and thousands of wounded.

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The central government, which could not control the demonstrations, declared a curfew in three southern provinces of Baghdad and Shiite populations. Despite this, the protests continue unabated. Iraq, which has been kept on the laboratory table since the invasion of 2003, could not escape the chaos that imposed unnatural methods. Everyone is talking about Iraq's territorial integrity as in Syria, but there is no one who can reasonably answer the question of how it will be. The results of the independence referendum in northern Iraq have not been successful, but it is certain that the Iraqi society has had a negative impact on the already diminished will of coexistence.

This is exactly the point where those who think that Iraq can be properly managed with the calculations they have designed as if they were preparing a mixture. Let there be so many Arabs in the administration. But let us maintain the Shiite-Sunni balance among Arabs. Let's include some Kurds. They should take the presidency but not be effective in the central government. Turkey's already confused about the Turkmen. While saying Shiite Turkmen, Sunni Turkmens, Turkey does not have a strategy for that alliance. Those who act in contradiction with the usual course of life are the main culprits of today's events. When the situation is so complicated, the first thing that comes to work is to fill their bags and save themselves. Nobody cares about the public. Questions such as which tender and which group will be given in return of the commission, are the main focus of the management. People are in trouble, the unemployment ceiling does not care about anyone. The landscape that emerged today is nothing but the public's reaction to this understanding and corruption.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdulmehdi, who could not be prevented, actually revealed the photo in his speech on television last Friday. Abdulmehdi said they understood the demands of demonstrators but had no magic wand in their hands. "The Iraqi people today are between the state and the choice of statelessness." In other words, the Prime Minister officially accepted that there was a state crisis beyond the government crisis.

What is the most important risk for the Prime Minister at the moment? A return to the old because of despair and the re-militarization of society. In fact, Iraq's political uncertainty is constantly trying to keep the Iraqi people at a dangerous border like civil war. The people who lived for a long time under the pressure of the Baath regime under a painful life had a Saddam yesterday, nobody knows how many Saddam are today. So those who came to search for what has become. The Prime Minister, defends that "We did not produce unemployment, the ruined infrastructure inherited us”, but in fact after him who will come to work knows that souffle. While the days are chasing each other, everyone who has survived every day in the Middle East and feed themselves consider themselves lucky for that day.

In Iraq, which has been turned upside down with such a lot of problems, nobody even remembers why Iraq was occupied. A whole lie that has been manipulated thoroughly because there are weapons of mass destruction is enough to make Iraq this way. Millions of people died during this time. They were also crippled, displaced from their homeland. Those who try to hold on to life try to find their way out of their insatiable ambitions. Baghdad, once the capital of civilization, has now become the land of chaos and obscurity. The saddest aspect is that no new Baghdad and new Iraqis are formed in the region, and they have no intention of taking their minds.

(Mustafa Kaya – Milli Gazete)


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