Iraqi Resistance targets Israel's Ben Gurion Airport twice in one week

Iraqi Resistance targets Israels Ben Gurion Airport twice in one week
Date: 21.3.2024 11:00

In a statement on Wednesday, the Iraqi Resistance confirmed the attack against Israel which waged a genocidal war against the people of Gaza.

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The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has said its fighters attacked Ben Gurion Airport twice in one week using drones.
“The fighters of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, at dawn today, Tuesday, 20-3-2024, targeted Ben-Gurion airport in the Zionist depth using drones,” the resistance statement said. 
The resistance also affirmed its commitment to strike the enemies' strongholds, as part of the second phase of operations in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza.
In response to the Israeli massacres against innocent Palestinian civilians, the second phase of the Resistance's operations has started which include the enforcement of a blockade on Israeli maritime navigation in the Mediterranean and putting Israeli ports out of service.
The Resistance also attacked the same airport on March 12 using drones.
The Islamic Resistance in Iraq says it will continue its attacks on Israeli targets until the regime stops its genocide in Gaza.
It has also struck major American military bases in Syria and Iraq amid anger over the US support for Israel’s onslaught on Gaza.
The Islamic Resistance in Iraq also claimed responsibility for the attack in late January on Jordan’s border with Syria that left three US soldiers dead.
In the past weeks, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq intensified its operations against Israeli targets inside occupied Palestinian territory.
The Iraqi Resistance targeted Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) airbase in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights using drones.
Akram al-Kaabi, the Secretary-General of the al-Nujaba Movement, said on February 25 that will not stop attacking Israeli targets in occupied Palestine.
"We will not abandon" the goal of "liberating Iraq" from US presence and supporting Palestine by striking the Israeli occupation, al-Kaabi underlined.
Israel launched the war against Gaza on October 7. Since the beginning of the war, the regime has killed more than 31,600 Gazans, most of them women, children, and adolescents.
In response, resistance movements from Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen have been carrying out military operations against the Zionist regime and its interests in the region.


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