Is coronavirus biotechnological weapon?

Is coronavirus biotechnological weapon?
Date: 10.4.2020 16:00

Could the corona be consciously produced? If so, who produced it for what purpose?

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According to Peter Koenig, one of the ex-experts of the World Health Organization (WHO), the main target for corona removal is the ID2020 project.
Planned with ID2020, funded by Gates and Rockefeller foundations, placing microchips in patients within the virus vaccines and robotizing people...
WHO had declared Covid-19 as a pandemic on March 11. However, in order for an epidemic to become pandemic, the mortality rate in cases must exceed 12 percent. The World Health Organization admitted "Swine flu was a horror campaign" in its 2010 statement for swine flu in 2009. Nature Medicine magazine, in its research, claims that Covid-19 is not produced in the laboratory, but this is not considered sufficient evidence. In addition, hundreds of scandals that WHO and the scientific world have been involved in recently have been increasing their question marks.


WHO has signed countless scandals since its establishment in 1948. The most notable of these is the swine flu scandal. WHO President Margaret Chan announced in 2009 that 40 percent of the US will be affected by swine flu. A year later, she admitted that "Swine flu was a horror campaign" for the flu, which caused panic all over the world. It was also announced that 627 people died from swine flu in Turkey. In 2014, there was a big scandal in Syria in the vaccination campaign supported by the UN and WHO. In Idlib and Dayrizor, 75 children were given muscle relaxants instead of measles vaccine, and 15 of them died. In another scandal, it turned out that the WHO and UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) investigated the health hazard of sugar and made it available to sugar producers.


The ID2020 project, which is the founding partner of the Global Vaccine Association Gavi, includes spooky planning. With the project defined as a digital identity on the site, 5 micro millimeter chips in vaccines and drugs can be placed in humans. With the ID2020 interviewed in Davos, each person will be given a digital ID number. All the health data of people can be checked with the chip that will stay in his stomach. Health insurance will not be provided to those who do not wear chips. Through the chip drugs called "Sensor Based Drugs", people's brain functions can be interfered. Thinking ability of people can be taken away from them...


The ID2020 project, introduced as a digital identity, has been carried out with the UN since 2018. One of the 5 founders of ID2020 is the Rockefeller Foundation and the other is Microsoft. Another noteworthy partner of the giant project is the world's largest vaccine alliance Gavi The Vaccine Alliance. The Gavi Vaccine Alliance includes international organizations such as WHO, UNICEF and the World Bank. Although the ID2020 project started in 2017, why it was named as 2020 is another matter of curiosity. On the other hand, Bill Gates' announcement that 30 million people will die from epidemic diseases in 6 months, had a wide public response in 2018. In addition, the work of Accenture, one of the founding partners of ID2020, on artificial intelligence strengthens the "robotized people" thesis. The 5th founding partner of the project is the international consultancy and design company IDEO...

They don't want "THINKING PEOPLE"

Cüneyd Zapsu, the former adviser of President Erdogan, who met with the organizers of ID2020 at the Davos summit, used incredible expressions in an interview with Davos in 2018. According to the notes from the Professor of History Yuval Noah Harari, who is famous for his prophecies, Zapsu will be the last generation to think of today's generation. By 2030, Zapsu claims that a small elite group will control the brain of all humanity through technology. At the session of Davos in 2019, Zapsu says that in the future, special medicines will be prepared according to the genetics. However, this means that according to its genetic structure, human-specific virus can be produced instead of medication.


The D-8 project can be activated to counteract UN and international companies such as viruses. The UN's questionable statements and the scandals involved have been questioned about the legitimacy of the UN and its subsidiaries. Instead of WHO-backed Modern Orthodox medicine, which has become a trading house of international companies, the biggest alternative is Islamic medicine. In order to treat Covid-19 and other viruses, a medical history archive with a million documents needs to be scanned. The common government proposal that Europe has recently brought to the agenda can be realized through the D-8 countries. Muslim countries can save the world from the controlled and planned chaos they are in.


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