Is this departure fee or racketeering?

Is this departure fee or racketeering?
Date: 9.7.2019 15:00

The decision to raise the departure fee, from 15 to 50 Turkish Liras caused reactions.

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AKP Group Deputy Chairman Mehmet Muş announced that they are preparing a new bag law.
There are details that draw attention to the law prepared bag. 
Especially the fact that the departure fees will be increased from 15 lira to 50 lira will cause controversy in the coming days.
AK Party Group Vice Chairman Mehmet Mus, 'Peace of Asset' period until December 31, 2019 to be extended by 6 months, the cost of leaving abroad from 15 pounds to 50 pounds and 'reserve fund' rates, including the regulation of the proposal offered to the Presidency of the Assembly announced. Muş from the AK Party made a statement to the journalists about the law proposal given to the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly called financial package. Muş stated that they offered to extend the ‘Peace of Wealth with the package until the end of December 31, 2019, We ​​have tradesmen who are taxed in the same way. If they apply; We pave the way for the income to be taxed at a certain rate regardless of expenses and expenses. The Central Bank of Turkey (CBT) are going to a change in the law. Here, we make the ratios allocated as reserves in line with the Ticaret Turkish Commercial Code.. After the decreases made in the allocated law, we propose to reserve the reserve fund as 10 percent. We are proposing certain powers to the Central Bank regarding the determination of these provisions by looking at the liabilities side, not only the liabilities side, but also the asset side.


Muş said that they offered to raise the fees abroad from 15 lira to 50 lira and said, "There are cloned phones. These phones, which are used with an IMEI number cloned differently in the dormitory, will be shut down in 4 months. They will be closed within 4 months to be included in the system and citizens will apply within 1 year and will be integrated into the system if they deposit 250 liras. After this law enters into force, telephones that use a cloned IMEI number will not be contacted in any way."


AK Party Deputy Muş, said that the regulations related to the restructuring of the debts of the companies in the financial system were introduced and said, İstanbul We foresee the establishment of a system similar to that made in the past in the Istanbul approach. The duration of this will be 2 years. Therefore, within the framework of the conditions and frameworks specified in that law within a period of 2 years, we will have certain incentives if companies apply. Their debts will be structured by banks, where a framework agreement will be put forward.


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