Islamic Leaders to gather in Ankara

Islamic Leaders to gather in Ankara
Date: 13.12.2019 12:00

The 28th International Congress of Muslim Communities Union, organized by ESAM, will gather tomorrow in Ankara.

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Organized by the Center for Economic and Social Research (ESAM), the International Union of Muslim Communities convenes tomorrow in Ankara for the 28th time with the theme "Peace, Justice and Compassion for a New World". 
The international meeting will be held at The Green Park Hotel in Ankara on December 14-15, and political leaders, heads, representatives, civil society and opinion leaders, academics, scientists, activists and representatives of nearly 120 Islamic countries from 60 countries will participate.


Speaking to our newspaper about the International Congress of the Union of Muslim Communities, which will be attended by leaders from Muslim countries all over the world, ESAM Secretary General Atik Ağdağ recalled that ESAM, which was established in 1969, has brought together important names and leaders in Islamic geography since the 80s. 28th year is being done. The theme of the meeting this year will be "Peace, Justice and Compassion for a New World". About 120 political movement leaders, heads, representatives, civil society and opinion leaders, academics, scientists, activists and representatives of institutions from around 60 countries attend the meeting, he said.


Underlining that the Congress of International Muslim Communities Union will be special guests this year, Ağdağ continued as follows: "Haj Murat Ibrahem, who has been carrying out the struggle of Muslims in Moro in the Philippines for decades, will be honored with his delegation as the guest of honor of Bangsamoro Muslims. They will come with the minister of agriculture, the minister of health and a delegation. Azad Kashmir Prime Minister will also present. Especially in the Islamic world, what we call crisis and troubled; Representatives of Muslim communities in countries such as East Turkestan, Kashmir, Syria and Yemen will participate. They will state the situation in their country. As Muslims, they will discuss how to solve these issues."


Noting the importance of Moro, which recently gained its autonomy, Ağdağ said, "Muslims gained a new era and opportunity in Moro. It must be owned. In fact, both the National Vision movement and Erbakan Hodja have been the ones who have claimed the most from the past to the present. Today, we are in the process of contributing to shaping Moro's future by Muslims. The second is Kashmir, which is almost as important for the Islamic world as Jerusalem. Particularly the area known as Jammu Kashmir was occupied by India, and now there is a process of annexation of India. In this sense, this issue in both our country and the world public opinion in terms of finding sufficient interest in the National Vision Movement Erbakan Hodja always kept this issue alive and on the agenda. In this meeting, the Prime Minister of Kashmir Azad Kashmir will also participate in this meeting. We will also have many guests from Palestine. Because the Palestinian cause is one of the central issues of our work. And it is the most fundamental and vital issue for the Islamic Union. Therefore, we will keep the Palestinian issue on the agenda. For a long time there have been persecution and troubles against Muslims in East Turkestan. Again with this dimension, the important guests from East Turkestan will be present at the meeting in order to ensure that the oppression of the persecution there and Muslims will take care of it."


Ağdağ said, "Movement leaders and political party representatives, who have participated in our meetings from Morocco to Indonesia, will participate in our meeting. In the program, the Chairman of the Felicity Party Mr. Temel Karamollaoğlu, the Chairman of the High Advisory Board Oğuzhan Asiltürk, and the Chairman of ESAM Recai Kutan Bey will present their messages regarding both our country's agenda and Islamic geography. Mr. Mehmet Görmez, our former Head of Religious Affairs, will attend the meeting and make the opening speech to present the theme of "Peace, Justice and Compassion for a New World". A total of 6 sessions will be held and around 40 notifications will be presented. And the negotiations will be presented to the public as a final declaration. A special health workshop will also be held for the Minister of Health and his delegation. In this workshop, the health studies in Moro and the contributions of both the official, semi-formal and non-governmental organizations working in our region from that country will be reviewed and a workshop will be conducted to coordinate this."


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