Islamic leaders to gather in Istanbul

Islamic leaders to gather in Istanbul
Date: 1.12.2018 12:00

The 27th International Congress of Muslim Communities, organized by ESAM, is taking place in Istanbul on 2-3 December.

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The 27th International Congress of Muslim Communities, organized by ESAM, will be held in Istanbul on 2-3 December with the theme of ve New Era with Changes and Transformation.
The International Congress of Muslim Communities (MTB), organized by the Center for Economic and Social Research (ESAM), is gathering in Istanbul for the 27th time with the theme of gr A New Era with its Change and Transformation. At the international meeting which will be held in Istanbul on 2-3 December, the crisis situations will be discussed and solutions will be put on the agenda.
Turkey with meetings to be held region in tandem with the neighboring and brotherly countries and regional economic, political, to contribute to the social and cultural cooperation development efforts, with a new partnership platforms and civil society forces in favor of Turkey to the public is aimed at the creation. The aim of the meeting is to raise awareness of the social, cultural and economic potential of the entire Islamic world before the states and the international community.
Representatives of many crisis regions, as well as new and former political leaders from Islamic countries, will participate in the MTB meeting, which will be held in Istanbul and will continue for two days. Participants from Palestine, Arakan and East Turkestan, as well as from Syria and the Balkans will come to the program. Participants are not limited to these countries. Representatives of Islamic centers from America and movement leaders from South American countries will come to the program. A total of 500 representatives from 80 countries will participate in the MTB meeting.
It was learned that important names will be added to the program which will be organized with the theme of ıla New Period and Islamic Union with Change and Transformation. Turkey's Vice President Fuat Oktay and the Palestinian Islamic movement (HAMAS) leader Khaled Meshal, one of the leaders of the Moro which is independent from the leading names Hadji Murat Ibrahim also expected to participate in the program.
The Congress of the Muslim Communities, organized annually by ESAM, allows representatives from Islamic countries to come together and consult. The MTB meetings in question, the late leader of the National Vision movement. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan had started the establishment of the ’Islamic Union Nec. The Congress of Muslim Communities will be held for the 27th time this year; will be held with the theme of, New Era with Change and Transformation and the Islamic Union ve with the participation of leaders of the world, political representatives, scientists and intellectuals and non-governmental organizations from various parts of the world.
On the last day of the program, the topics discussed during the congress will be graded and evaluated. At the congress, the declaration of a conclusion to overcome the crisis in Islamic countries will be shared with the public.
The meeting in Istanbul will take two days. On the first day, the opening program and two sessions will take place on the second day of the program. Humanitarian Relief and Crisis Regions, Emergency Aids and Health, Development, Politics, Economy, Technology, Youth, Women and Family, Education, Media and Communication will be covered. In the congress, it is aimed to prepare an action plan on the proposals and evaluations about these fields from the Islamic world and to continue these works with the interim meetings to be held by the follow-up committees.


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