Ismael Haneya: "We will never normalize with Israel"

Ismael Haneya: "We will never normalize with Israel"
Date: 7.9.2018 16:00

The Hamas leader, Heniyye, who says the Gaza Strip is in war with the occupation regime intelligence unit Shabak, voiced that they would never normalize with Israel.

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Hamas leader Ismael Haneya has made important statements about the issues on the agenda.
Haneya said that in Thursday's speech at a ceremony for Abdurrahim Abbas, a martyr in the Palestinian Mosque in western Gaza, he stated that there is no way to normalize the relations between the occupation and the occupation.
According to Fiem, "We will not give up a single settlement of Palestine, Jerusalem is ours", said Haneya, the shortest way of saving the holy places from the occupation is resistance.
Haneya, praising Abdurrahim Abbas, who was a martyr in his speech, said he joined Abbas's martyr brothers who carried the trust in confidence.
"We say goodbye to the most courageous and the most valiant man today," Haneya said, declaring that Abbas delivered the soul in the jihad and resistance square.
Recalling that the martyrs were swallowing the land of their homeland with their blood, the President of the Hamas Movement's Political Unit sacked the Palestinian police organization, which has provided hundreds of martyrs for security.


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