Israel is both a murderer and a liar

Israel is both a murderer and a liar
Date: 19.10.2023 14:00

"Considering the general war tactics and technical data, we can say that the MK-84 guided bomb was used in the attack," says Defense technologies expert Dr. Arif Emre Örün.

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It is possible that the attack carried out by Israel against the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, which killed more than 500 people, was carried out with an MK-84 guided bomb.
Defense technologies expert Dr. Arif Emre Örün gave information about their evaluation based on technical data and images.
Örün, who works in the field of air defense system engineering, said that Israel's attacks on Gaza aimed at total destruction and destruction rather than a point-blank operation, and for this reason, MK series bombs that would cause the most damage at once were preferred.
"There are also many indications that phosphorus bombs were used. In addition, it is estimated that old generation bombs and ammunition that are expiring are also used," Örün said.
Pointing out that there are no HAMAS air defense systems in Gaza, Örün explained that Israel focuses on MK series ammunition due to its destructive war tactics.


Reminding that the operation was carried out in the evening, Örün stated that this may have been for the purpose of shadowing the type of ammunition.
"There are disinformation efforts on the Israeli side that HAMAS carried out the attack, but when a technical analysis of the severity of the explosion is made, it is obvious that it could not have been carried out with the technology HAMAS has. Since the rockets developed by HAMAS are fired from the ground, most of them consist of solid fuel rocket engines," Örün added.
Örün emphasized that the fact that the massacre was carried out in the dark and that the video of the explosion was recorded after the bomb fell caused no definitive information about the ammunition model to be given.
"Considering the general war tactics and technical data, we can say that the MK-84 guided bomb was used in the attack," Örün said.


Örün also touched upon the technical features of the bomb used and said, "PBXN-109 or tritonal is used as an explosive in MK-84 type ammunition. The specific mass of tritonal has around 15-20 percent more energy than TNT. When we include the guidance equipment used, the total weight of the ammunition approaches 1 ton. Considering the type and energy capacity of the explosive contained in the MK-84 ammunition, it can have a lethal effect in an area with a radius of 200-250 meters. Even if the explosion occurs inside a building, the damage is very severe due to the pressure effect. Due to the particle effect, in addition to having a lethal effect in open areas up to a diameter of approximately 350 meters, shock and fragment effects that can cause serious injuries can be seen up to approximately 750 meters from the explosion site."


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