Israel playing a funny theater: HAMAS

Israel playing a funny theater: HAMAS
Date: 17.11.2023 12:00

HAMAS described the terrorist Israeli army's claim that it found weapons in the Shifa Hospital in the west of Gaza, which it raided, as a "funny theater play" to legitimize its terrible crimes that have never been seen on earth.

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HAMAS responded to Israel's statement that it "raided a specific compound in line with intelligence information indicating HAMAS activities."
It was stated that Israel's claim that there were weapons and equipment in the Shifa Hospital was "nothing but the continuation of lies and cheap propaganda with which it tried to legitimize its crime of destroying the health sector in Gaza."
It was stated in the statement that these allegations were similar to the empty propaganda made by Israel during the raid on Rantisi Children's Hospital, and that terrorist Israel had placed a weapon somewhere and staged a funny theater play in which it could no longer fool anyone.
"We are aware of the extent of lies and deception spread by Israel to cover up its crimes against children, women and defenseless civilians," the statement continued as follows:
"We have been repeating our call for the establishment of an international committee more than once for two weeks to detect Israel's lies and unfounded claims."


After Israel, which committed the crime of genocide by targeting hospitals in Gaza and tried every way to legitimize these attacks, occupied the Shifa Hospital in Gaza, which it claimed was the main headquarters of HAMAS.
Its presentation of rusty weapons and a few cameras, which it claimed to have found in the building instead of tunnels and ammunition depots, as evidence drew criticism.
The images that the Israeli army presented as evidence for its claim less than a day after the raid on Shifa Hospital did not yield the desired result.
In the statement made by the Israeli army, which surrounded the surroundings and courtyard of Shifa Hospital with tanks and kept the hospital completely closed to the outside world, it was claimed that "weapons and electronic devices" were seized in the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) department of Shifa Hospital.
In the images shared by the army, there are materials such as a computer, half a case of dates, books, and approximately ten Kalashnikov rifles, vests and hand grenades, most of which are rusty, allegedly belonging to HAMAS.
However, the images did not present any fixed elements, such as a tunnel or secret passage, or any evidence of Israeli prisoners, which could indicate that the hospital was the headquarters of HAMAS.
The findings that the Israeli army announced for weeks at the Shifa Hospital, which it claimed "does not have international protection status because it is the main headquarters of HAMAS", have been the subject of criticism even in the Israeli press.


Israeli journalist and security analyst Yossi Cohen noted that he had "bad feelings about Shifa (Hospital)."
Cohen stated that Israel presented "unprecedented childish fabrications".
"So the (Israeli) hostages and insurgents were not found there. And now the Army Spokesperson says that they entered Shifa because it was the headquarters of HAMAS and that there were weapons, maps and headquarters there. It's not impressive at all. Was it worth the expectations and the damage to its international image?" Cohen asked.
Israel's Channel 13 television also commented, "Israel's major intelligence failure" and criticized, "Contrary to the claims of the Israeli army, there is no indication that there is any military facility in the Shifa Hospital."
Israel's right-wing Jerusalem Post newspaper also described the Israeli army's conclusion in the raid on Shifa Hospital as "disappointing".
In the news on the newspaper's website, "Israeli army intelligence had said that 200 of the HAMAS members who attacked Israel on October 7 were in Shifa Hospital. Did these 200 HAMAS forces evaporate and disappear?" it was asked.


US President Joe Biden defended Israel's raid on the Shifa Hospital in Gaza, which lied that it was a "headquarters" and whose claim was immediately refuted and was ridiculed on social media with the so-called evidence it presented, through the rhetoric of this Zionist gang.
A journalist reminded Biden of his statement "We must protect hospitals" the day before and asked whether Israel's raid on Shifa Hospital was "justified".
Biden then defended the action of Israel, which could not prove that the hospital was a "headquarters" and said:
"HAMAS is committing a war crime by hiding its soldiers and headquarters under the hospital. This is real. This is what happens," Biden said.
Biden refused to describe what Israel did as "raid".
"Israel did not go to (the hospital) with a large number of soldiers, did not raid the place, did not destroy everything. He entered here with only soldiers carrying weapons," Biden added.


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