Israel uses water as a weapon against Gazans

Israel uses water as a weapon against Gazans
Date: 17.10.2023 17:00

Israel is using water shortages to "push" more than a million Gazans from north to south.

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To displace more than a million civilians in the northern Gaza Strip, terrorist Israel agreed to provide water only to the southern region.
Israeli Minister of Energy Israel Katz announced that water supply will resume in the south of the Gaza Strip in order to "push" the civilian population south.
"The decision to open the waters in the south of the Gaza Strip not only results in the displacement of the civilian population to the south of the Gaza Strip and makes it possible to tighten the general siege on Gaza in the areas of electricity, water and fuel, but also enables the Israeli army (IDF) to operate and destroy the HAMAS infrastructure. will make it easier," Katz said in a statement.
It was stated that although Israel started to supply water to the south of the blockaded Gaza Strip, the water crisis continues.
Pointing out that the amount of water supplied to Gaza is still very low, Gaza Municipalities Union Coordinator Hüsni Muhenna noted that the crisis continues because the electricity required to pump water is not available in Gaza.


In the Gaza Strip, which is heavily bombed by Israel, people form long queues in front of a few bakeries that have limited service to buy bread due to the food shortage.
Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are facing a bread crisis due to electricity and water outages and lack of food supply, as well as Israel's ongoing attacks on the region for 10 days.
In Gaza, where each restriction is linked to the other, where mills are not working and flour cannot be produced due to a power outage, flour, the basic ingredient of bread, is also available in limited quantities. While many bakeries in the region are closed due to lack of flour, only a few bakeries that can make bread are in service.


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