Israeli massacre 76 years old

Israeli massacre 76 years old
Date: 16.5.2024 10:00

After the weekly group meeting, the Saadet Turkish Grand National Assembly Group went to the Israeli Embassy and made a press statement in front of it. In the statement, drawing attention to Nakba Day, it was pointed out that the attacks did not only start on October 7.

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Saadet-Gelecek Partyies Grand National Assembly joint group came together in front of the Israeli Embassy in Ankara after the group meeting and drew attention to Israel's attacks on the occasion of Nakba Day.
In the statement, the whole world was called against the genocide committed in Gaza.


Stating that the date of the group meeting coincided with the anniversary of Nakba, Saadet Party Deputy Chairman, Istanbul Deputy Mustafa Kaya stated that new pains were added to the pain of the past massacres in Palestine.
"Nakba is a day when genocide is felt as the language of pain. On such an important day and on this day when Palestine is on our agenda, we see that the attacks continue in Rafah. October is not the beginning, it is the result. Today, we are all together on this important day to show that we are with our Gazan brothers and sisters and to promise to continue what we do. HAMAS fights to defend its own homeland, not as a terrorist organization," Kaya said.


Underlining that the people of Gaza have put up a great struggle since October 7, Ahmet Davutoğlu, Chairman of the Gelecek Party, stated that the Nakba is still ongoing and emphasized that the struggle continues.
"The struggle has been going on for 76 years. A terrorist state is trying to dominate the fate of a people. Gaza is not alone, Israel is committing genocide. This war is not a war between Israel and HAMAS, or between Israel and Gaza. This war is a war between Israel and humanity. The Israeli Minister of Defense stated that they would not believe any war crime, using the clear term genocide. From here we shout once again that we stand with the oppressed in Gaza. The children resisting in Gaza today are defending their land there, they can never be called terrorists. Only after 7 months, under our pressure, did the government decide to restrict, and then a ban was imposed. For the Republic of Turkey, merely banning is not enough," Davutoğlu said.


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