Israeli regime kidnaps Palestinians in overnight raids on home

Israeli regime kidnaps Palestinians in overnight raids on home
Date: 11.10.2020 11:00

The Israeli regime's forces last night and at dawn Saturday raided several homes and kidnaped a number of Palestinian citizens during campaigns in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

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According to local sources in Jerusalem, Israeli plain-clothes soldiers kidnaped two young men during the overnight clashes that broke out in Issawiya district between local youths and police forces
The regime also stormed the Jerusalem town of Beit Hanina, assaulted local residents, raided homes and kidnaped two young men accused of throwing stones at police patrols.
In the West Bank, the regime stormed a neighborhood in the northeast of Nablus city and kidnaped a kid called Abdullah Abdul-Rahman after ransacking his home.
Another kid and a young man were also taken prisoners during an regime campaign in Jenin refugee camp.
In al-Khalil, the regime stormed al-Fawwar refugee camp and kidnaped two citizens identified as Mohamed al-Wawi and Siraj Hash-hash after ransacking their homes.


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