Israeli regime starts a new massacre on Gaza's Rafah

Israeli regime starts a new massacre on Gazas Rafah
Date: 12.2.2024 11:00

The Zionist Israeli regime has added a new one to its brutal genocide in Gaza. The murderous regime turned its direction to Refah for its bloody actions. While there are no serious sanctions against the massacres that are in front of the eyes of the world, the silence of the governments of Muslim countries draws reaction.

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Zionist genocider Israel, which massacred 28 thousand civilians in the north of the Gaza Strip, is now preparing to attack Rafah, where it has directed civilians as a safe zone.
"The security cabinet is working on other alternatives to evacuate more than 1 million Gazans to enable the ground operation against the city of Rafah," Israeli regime television KAN reported.


Occupied Israeli regime Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, during his visit to the occupying Israeli troops in the Khan Younis region on February 1, said that they would move their land attacks to the city of Rafah on the Egyptian border, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signaled that they would launch a land attack on Rafah on February 4.
In the statement made by the Prime Minister's Office of the occupying Israeli regime, it was noted that Netanyahu instructed the army and security organization to prepare the necessary plan to attack the south of the Gaza Strip and displace approximately 1.5 million Palestinians who have taken refuge there.


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