Israeli terrorists attack Gaza aid convoys

Israeli terrorists attack Gaza aid convoys
Date: 2.5.2024 12:00

The Zionist gang, the enemy and troublemaker of humanity, is expanding its criminal record day by day. The Zionists were last seen attacking flour sacks sent to the oppressed people of Gaza.

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New scenes of brutality in Gaza, the oppressed home of Islam under Israeli occupation, are added every day.
Zionist devils continue to implement all kinds of discord and corruption to destroy the Palestinian resistance and subjugate the Palestinian people.
While the people who managed to survive the bomb attacks in Gaza, where 35 thousand innocent people have been brutally murdered since October 2023, are struggling with hunger and thirst, the Jewish invaders' plunder of the food trucks that were intended to be delivered to Gaza made us say "this cannot be done."


In the incident that took place last night, Zionists, dehumanized and devoid of all morality, stopped a truck that wanted to deliver food aid to the people of Gaza, whom they condemned to hunger and thirst, and brutally plundered the sacks of flour inside.
The Jewish invaders, who continued their despicable attacks against defenseless Muslims, were seen throwing the flour sacks in the truck to the ground and making rude remarks in Hebrew.


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