İsrafil Bayrakçı: "Everywhere is red"

İsrafil Bayrakçı: "Everywhere is red"
Date: 31.3.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist İsrafil Bayrakçı writes on Covid-19 pandemic. Here is the full article.

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The big congress of the ruling party was held in Ankara Arena on last Wednesday, 24 March. Its repercussions continue to this day and it never falls off the agenda. How would it fall? While the third variation of the pandemic that surrounds the whole world has peaked in our country, we have forced our thoughts on how to describe the visible scenes in the congress of the ruling party. Not caring about people? Is it to ignore? Is it for a fool? Or to ridicule people's minds? That is, a man calls his son my son drinking, gambling, smoking. But he does not leave the clubs, the casino, and the cigarette does not fall out of his hands. How much will he listen to the words of such a father, son? You will say mask, distance, hygiene, but you will do the opposite. How much should you listen to you folks?
You packed the hall both in the provincial congresses of the ruling party and in the last big congress. In this congress, coronavirus was almost running wild. While the number of cases has reached 30 thousand, nobody should be surprised if they multiply 2 to 3 from now on. Now it's all red all over.
It is not possible to understand what the ruling party, which insistently invites the corona, wants to do. Moreover, their defenses against the criticisms are that "the camera is misled by taking horizontal shots". It's like kidding, so funny, so simple. While the prohibitions are ruthlessly applied to the poor and the punishments are immediately given in advance, we wonder how the ruling party will tolerate such tolerance into the nation. I hope they are so pissed off that they do not even include an apology. Although the Minister of Health had apologized to the crowd at a funeral prayer, he did not follow up with his apology later. Nowadays, nobody wants to be in the place of the Minister of Health. It is almost as the provinces turn red, the face of the Minister turns red. Because the ruling party cannot have a say, it does not have the power to sanction. Nothing he promised about the vaccine has been fulfilled. Moreover, his seat is shaking, it is a question mark whether he can stay in place.
Do not look at how we put the subject in simple sentences. Our country is going through a big crisis these days. It is shaken in the waves, like a ship that has lost its compass. It is not known which port will arrive. Unfortunately, we do not have stability in foreign policy, we are in a volatile state. When it comes to the economy, what did it bring to whom the astronomical increase in foreign currency overnight? Although we do not know, there is a fact that we know that the fathers of money and the renters filled their pockets again, and the poor became a little poorer. As if this was not enough, the President of the Republic is trying to enrich the banks and financial institutions by reaching the 3 kurush savings of the President. We have seen examples of this in the past. Anyway, this impure nation gave whatever the government wanted. They said vote, gave it. They stood against the treacherous terror. They gave all the support they could to all kinds of aid campaigns. Again, during this pandemic period, citizens made the most sacrifices. So what more to do? No nation in this world can show so much patience and endurance.


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