İsrafil Bayrakçı: "Is the holiness of the family really protected?"

İsrafil Bayrakçı: "Is the holiness of the family really protected?"
Date: 17.3.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist İsrafil Bayrakçı writes on family. Here is the full article.

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Our society has undergone a great change in the last 19 years. In the past, it was a society that was more questioning and skeptical about the events and showed an attitude accordingly, but now it has become a society that does not investigate as it does not question and believes easily without seeing the surroundings.
The power of the government is very capable in this regard. Despite the fact that its discourse and its actions have been full of contradictions for 19 years, still a significant part of the society does not see the realities and does not wake up from heedless sleep, which serves as a cream with honey. When will the society understand this situation that this issue serves to power as honey and cream?
Again, it is said, "We will continue to stand against any attempt or discourse aimed at revealing our family structure and to protect the holiness of the family as a whole, men and women." Yes. Totally true. We also put our signature on gold. But who signed a freak like this Istanbul Convention? Who gave LGBT people privileges such as establishing an association? Didn't femicide increase the most during this ruling period? Who allows the production of women's programs on TV that put dynamite at the heart of the notion of family? Who can say that the decriminalization of adultery and therefore divorce did not increase during this ruling period? Who can say that the number of illegitimate children born out of wedlock is not so jaw-dropping?
Unfortunately, contradictory statements continue on the subject of economy. 15 days ago, on the question asked to them about the reserves in the Central Bank, "We used it in the epidemic", the ruling leader today answers the same question, "There is nothing lost in the Central Bank, all of the money". If what they first said is true and this money was used in the epidemic, why was it not given to the poor, the poor, the needy, but on the contrary, why was the money collected from the citizens by giving an IBAN number and doing the "We Are Enough for Each Other Turkey" campaign? If what they say second is true; In other words, if nothing is lost, why do taxes, hikes and fees continue to increase without slowing down? Why were the interest rates increased to 17%? Why do we borrow money at exorbitant interest (we pay 7 times the US rate)? Why is the minimum wage below the hunger line? Why did national income per capita decline to 2007 levels? Why did foreign debt end up at $ 450 billion? Yes, there is only one reason for this, contrary to what is said, according to Central Bank data, it seems that there is currently -42.470 billion dollars open. Despite all this, those who criticize the son-in-law are opposed, on the contrary, it is found successful, the economy is claimed to grow and there are no shops that have been closed. It is said that 3 drilling and 2 seismic research ships were purchased as an example of the success of the groom. This reminds us of Shaban. Shaban, the runner. He came to the racing line with his rivals. Started and started running. The opponents went ahead and disappeared. Shaban came back and looked at the line. He said, "Hopefully, how long I have run." Yes, they will be proud of 3 soundings and 2 seismic research ships that they received in 19 years, will the nation believe in this Shaban as lamb lamb and continue their heedless sleep? Or will they say, "No, we are awake now, we see the truth, we don't fall in your tricks anymore"? The future election results will show this, and hello.


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