İsrafil Bayrakçı: "No election is more important than the integrity of the homeland"

İsrafil Bayrakçı: "No election is more important than the integrity of the homeland"
Date: 15.5.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete writer İsrafil Bayrakçı writes on Homeland. Here is the full article.

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Unfortunately, We can not breathe the blessed atmosphere of Ramadan-i Sharif.
They have made society so that we have been taking a month and a half with the elections in Istanbul. We forgot to say, 'Where are those old Ramadans?'. We didn't forget it, but they made us forget. They don't take lessons from the past. Still, they never worry about putting the country's future into a dead-end, with cheap politics, talking to street jargon, threatening, sticking out the pole, polarizing, alienating, camping, and segregation.
Those who talk about survival matter don't talk about it now. Therefore, the survival issue, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has received. Their ambition, the effort they put forward. 'I'm going to get Istanbul, or Istanbul get me'. They take it, we don't say anything to get it, but on legal roads, without respecting the will of democracy, respecting the will of the elector... Not playing thief-police.
The decision to cancel the election by suppressing the Supreme Board of Elections with power of power is not a legal way. On the contrary, it is an anti-democratic attitude. For the ruling, Istanbul is very important, as is necessary. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality acts, which will also be reflected in Turkey's power, so they see substantial. What about his little partner? Is this so important? What does it mean to say Öcalan can meet with their lawyers, when they send the PKK stamp to the greeting party? When it comes to the seat, it can be discussed with the head of the terrorist. I mean, ours? Why are we gettin 'out? How can someone change the National Opinion's shirt and change it, and someone can take off the nationalist shirt and change it. And this is for them. Because when the seat in question is available, the rest is detailed.
We know the elections are important. Is every choice important? Yes. But no choice should be more important than the integrity of the country. Especially in these days, almost every patriot knows that there is a need for unity and solidarity and that there must be discourses and actions that will reinforce our unity and solidarity. While we are surrounded by a ring of fire around our country, what is happening in our borders is not ordinary, simple movements. On the contrary, the imperialist ambitions for the realization of the ambitions of the opportunity to perform, while the internal political conflicts, but only to benefit these forces. Our country is also damaged. However, by benefiting from the spiritual air of the blessed moon; actions, discourses and behaviors that will consolidate unity, togetherness and brotherhood. Mindfulness and common sense also require this. We do not want to think otherwise. Because if the ship gets water, everyone sinks. The captains are also responsible for this. "We've been wrong, God forgive us," he does not save. Because the last regret does not benefit. May Allah protect our nation and our nation from all enemies, internal and external. (Amin)


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