İsrafil Bayrakçı: "Spirit of 94 is the spirit of the National Opinion"

İsrafil Bayrakçı: "Spirit of 94 is the spirit of the National Opinion"
Date: 7.2.2019 12:00

Milli Gazete writer İsrafil Bayrakçı writes on National Opinion. Here is the full article.

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According to the temporary article 2 of the law number 5378 with its name Law on People with Disabilities in that time, there were responsibilities given to local administrations to remove obstacles in transportation and access of people with disabilities, and in 7 years, penal sanctioning was foreseen for those who did not fulfill their obligations. However, this duration was expired in July 2012, although no progress was made. Therewith, 3 more years was given. This duration was also expired in July 2015 but the implementation in question wasn’t made. 3 more years was requested and this duration expired in July 2018. Although so much time passed, unfortunately the transportation and access problems of people with disabilities aren’t over, and the time is anew extended for 2 years. It is said that the problems will be solved in 2020.
Impaired ramps, ineffective roads for visually handicapped people, impaired lifts in the overpass-underpass, troubles in public transport, and more. How will they ask for votes from citizens, especially from those with disabilities? How long should the citizens wait for solving while the problems of people with disabilities couldn’t be solved in 15 years? With the idea of election investment, the assembly convened after a two-week holiday and they will work on ALS, MS and SMA by establishing committees. They will also solve the medication problem of the patients with these disease. In other words, people with disabilities need to wait for the elections each year for the solutions of their problems. 
What is this if it’s not make up or illusoriness? Don’t let the minds of people with disabilities be mocked. Especially with the minds of visually handicapped people who say, “we don’t see but we aren’t blind,” who see the truth with the eye of their heart. Now it’s called the spirit of 1994. National Opinion municipalities are being mentioned. It’s true, those municipalities have become epics because National Opinion mentality and system was dominating. There is a point that we have proudly expressed up until now; National Opinion became a coalition partner in many governments, it was represented in the TGNA, formed a group, became a power in local administrations and during this time, there weren’t any investigation or investigation files opened about corruption, robbery, favoritism or bribery.
In now, there wasn’t any accusation about people in power until they took out their National Opinion shirts. When they took out their National Opinion shirts and became earthly, then they sink in waste and sting in bribery. Here, we remember this quadrant of Akif. Neither wisdom gives greatness to morality nor conscience, the sense of merit is from the fear of Allah.” In other words, mentality, savvy, and system of people is important, and this is only in National Opinion. It is in vain to say “I’M honesti I’M right” if the shirt of National Opinion isn’t on you. 
The politicians in power are creating fronts by saying evil front to the ones who aren’t form themselves and marginalizing them. We are watching their effort to separate people from each with astonishment and compunction. However, the duty of potency is consolidating, not separating. Entering to this dark and dangerous road isn’t a work of mind and intelligence. Politicians need to behave sanity and should renounce of their “let bygones by bygone” policy. Otherwise, there will not come any charity to neither the nation nor their own continuance. 
May Allah keep no one from mind, consciousness and intelligence. And that’s that!  


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