İsrafil Bayrakçı: "You've slept long enough, wake up Muslim!"

İsrafil Bayrakçı: "Youve slept long enough, wake up Muslim!"
Date: 15.9.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist İsrafil Bayrakçı writes on Social insurance Institution. Here is the full article.

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Almost everyone sees, knows and understands the obvious difference between what happened and what was said. Except for those who come turn a deaf ear and pretend not to see...
The ruling party was once charged to the main opposition through the Social insurance Institution (SGK)... It was right or wrong, we don't know, but it wasn't collecting premiums either. At this point, we will try to explain the current state of SGK with examples. The current state of SGK has come to search for the past. 52 items of medicine, including mouth sprays that are frequently used during the pandemic period and tooth gels used for teething pain in babies, have been removed from the SSI's payment list. On the other hand, the contribution of SGK to the devices such as orthoses, prostheses, hearing aids and glasses used by the disabled is almost nothing compared to the past.
With the Law No. 5510 enacted on October 1, 2008, the working order of disabled individuals has almost been disrupted. Prior to this date, the employment of the employee before he was appointed to the public sector was reflected in his cadre and degree, but after this date, it was not reflected except for those in certain classes. Again, before this date, all disabled employees could retire on the condition of 15 years of insurance and 3600 premium days, now the insurance period has been increased to 18 years and the number of premium days up to 4680 days, with disability rates of 40%-59%. Again, before this date, a committee report is not requested again when retiring from a disabled person who has a permanent disability report. Again, before this date, regardless of the degree and rank, the disabled employee was given a first-degree civil servant pension and bonus when retiring.
Those who shout at every opportunity that they are serving the disabled and that they employ so many disabled people, and even those who signed the Convention on the Rights of Persons in order to look nice, are clear how much they usurped the rights of the disabled, especially in recent years. Of course, it is not only the disabled who suffer from SSI. It goes without saying how much the working class and the minimum wage earners lost their rights in their pension calculations.
SGK, which has to cut down on its citizens constantly, is constantly getting cold. We knew that doctors harmed SSI by prescribing unnecessary and excessive medication. We learn worse only through the media. The loss of billions of dollars by a relative of a minister to this institution is on the agenda these days.


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