Istanbul Chamber of Industry reveals Türkiye's 500 biggest industrial enterprises for 2022

Istanbul Chamber of Industry reveals Türkiyes 500 biggest industrial enterprises for 2022
Date: 29.9.2023 12:00

Food companies were at the top of the list of Turkey's 500 largest industrial enterprises with 94 companies. Sales of these companies from production exceeded 467 billion lira in 2022. The food sector was followed by the "basic metal industry" with 77 units.

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According to the results of Turkey's 500 Largest Industrial Enterprises 2022 Research prepared by Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO), the 500 largest companies were gathered in 24 sectors.
In the said research, the sector with the highest number of companies was food products with 94 companies.
The number of companies in the sector in question increased by 1 compared to the previous year. Food was followed by "basic metal industry" with 77 companies, and "motor vehicle, trailer (trailer) and semi-trailer (semi-trailer) manufacturing" with 43 companies.
The list includes 40 companies from the "manufacture of chemicals and chemical products" sector, 33 from electrical equipment, 32 from textiles, 27 from the manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products, 20 from the "rubber and plastic" and "manufacture of fabricated metal products (except machinery and equipment)" sectors. took.


It was stated that the production sales of the companies listed in ISO's Turkey's 500 Largest Industrial Enterprises Research increased to 4.5 trillion lira in 2022.
When the list is examined, excluding some companies that do not want their names and information to be disclosed, the main metal industry leads in sales from production with 874 billion lira.
In second place were enterprises manufacturing coke and refined petroleum products, of which only 4 companies entered the ISO 500 list. Last year, the sales of the four companies in question from production approached 647 billion liras.
The 2022 turnover of companies manufacturing motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers was approximately 574 billion lira.
Last year, the total sales from production of 94 companies in the food sector, which were among the most companies in the ISO 500, exceeded 467 billion lira.


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