Istanbul convention breaks the family!

Istanbul convention breaks the family!
Date: 28.8.2019 11:00

The painful results of the Istanbul Convention, which destroyed the family and dynamized the structure of the Turkish community, frighten the consequences!

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The Istanbul Convention and the Law No. 6284, which includes practices contrary to the structure of the Turkish society, continue to darken lives! 
Istanbul Convention approved by Turkey in 2012, at the slightest disagreement within the family, while men out the door, the woman's complaint can result in an instant rage in his criminal case.
As a matter of contract, almost all disputes regarding couples are immediately suspended, but unfortunately marriages, which are generally suspended, result in divorce.
Concerns about the Istanbul Convention, which includes diametrically opposed arrangements with the structure of the Turkish society, are increasing! 
The Istanbul Convention, which was opened for signature in Istanbul on May 11, 2011 and ratified by 20 European Council member states, continues to demolish the nests signed and the date on which the Convention opened for signature on 14 March 2012, while confirming Turkey attracts the throes of the contract! 
The Convention aims to prevent violence against so-called women and domestic violence, while ignoring men in many regulations causes irreparable wounds. After the Istanbul Convention and Law No. 6284, violence against women and murders increased more than ever in our country, while the number of women's murders that were around 100 per year before the agreement reached 500 in recent years.
Law No. 6284…
The Istanbul Convention and Law no. 6284 stipulate that men should be removed from the house in the slightest dispute within the family, while the man who is displaced cannot set foot in his home where he pays his rent and bills, nor can he see his children. The boy, who is being sent out, either goes back to his parents' house or goes into extra burden by holding a new house. However, in cases where the removal decision is removed, the stitches between the couples no longer hold and marriages result in divorce. On the other hand, according to research, the majority of women killed during the decision to remove the abduction was stated that the decision does not work in this case, it is clear that the removal.


On the other hand, the dismissal decision is merely a legal statement, while in practice it has no protective side. In cases where a decision is made for the suspension, the police do not wait for the woman at her head or in front of her house. In this case, the decision to suspend the woman can not protect the other side of the hatred. In general, marriages with a decision of suspension resulted in divorce, while the woman who complained to her husband in a moment of anger regrets and abandons her complaint, the case continues as a public trial. This again unfortunately ends the marriage in most families.


In Turkey, while there are many problems associated with the process of divorce, couples if the woman does not want boşana years. On the other hand, men are often exposed to indefinite alimony, causing psychological trauma. As content expulsion of more than applying in Turkey, which is bad because the application is to provide a happy family gatherings, reuniting the couple is not possible. The decision to expel her does not protect the woman, but rather the man with vengeance against the wife who threw her out of the house or the ex-wife who did not show her child. While many implementations of the Istanbul Convention disintegrate and darken lives, it is confirmed by examples that the agreement is contrary to the structure of the Turkish society.


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