Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality makes free "quick scan" in buildings

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality makes free "quick scan" in buildings
Date: 24.2.2023 11:00

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) teams conduct a free scan of the buildings where the requesting citizens live, whether the buildings are earthquake resistant or not.

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IBB teams came to the building upon the application of the citizens living in the Gül Apartment on Aydınlar Street in Bakırköy Zuhuratbaba Mahallesi and carried out a "quick building scan".
Making a statement to the journalists after the screening, Özlem Tut, Head of the Department of Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement, said that they carried out a "quick building scan" in the 6-storey and 12-flat apartment.
Tut stated that the building inspection with the rapid scanning method has been going on for more than 3 years.
During this period, we visited 107 thousand buildings and asked for permission to examine, but so far 29 thousand buildings have given us permission for inspection. As of today, we have received a total of 76 thousand applications. We will answer all of these
Tut said that after the earthquakes, the citizens became sensitive and said, "We will evaluate these applications in order of application and examine all buildings. However, this method could not be applied for buildings over 10 floors, could not be evaluated within the scope of this study, and buildings after 2000 could not apply. At this point, we received a lot of applications. As of this week, we will also consider these applications. Application can be made. However, as you know, buildings built before 2000 constitute our fragile building stock. We will prioritize these structures and evaluate these applications. There was also a lot of demand for tenants. We have updated our system accordingly. We will also receive applications from tenants."
"Both owners and tenants will be able to benefit from rent assistance"
Stating that as a result of the quick scan of 318 buildings in the city, it was determined that there are buildings that do not have the capacity to carry earthquake loads and that are likely to collapse where they stand, Tut said that they determined the rental aid as 4 thousand 500 liras in order to accelerate the urban transformation processes of these buildings and ensure their rapid evacuation. He also stated that the tenants can benefit from the rent support.
Pointing out that the current rapid building scanning method is the stage before the risky building is declared within the scope of the law no. 6306, Tut said that if the building is in the risk group after that, they provide this information.
Answering the question about the accuracy of the test, Tut noted that the test is a scientific method developed by the academics of Istanbul Technical University and similar applications are made in many countries of the world.
Tut stated that, according to the results of the investigations, the citizens can make the necessary applications for the renewal of the building through the İBB subsidiary KİPTAŞ.


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