Istanbul's waste management attends the international fair

Istanbuls waste management attends the international fair
Date: 28.5.2023 08:00

The 27th ICCI 2023 International Energy and Environment Fair, with more than a hundred participants from all over the world, brought the energy sector together.

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Istanbul "Enerji AŞ Güneş", a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), participating in the fair with its latest technologies in the field of energy, introduced many services to the visitors, from power plants to solar powered electric vehicle charging parks.
Solar Power Plants, solar powered electric vehicle charging parking points (CarPort), biomass power plants, wind power plants, solar lighting solutions, floating SPP systems, solar panel cleaning products (SOLARPAK), mobile energy solutions, energy efficiency consultancy and sustainable energy and services such as climate action plans (SECAP) that belongs to Istanbul Energy met with visitors at the international fair that lasted for three days.
Istanbul Energy General Manager Dr. Yüksel Yalçın, who participated as a speaker in the session titled 'Istanbul's Waste Turns into Energy', which took place on the second day of the fair, where products and services attracted great attention, talked about the processes of transforming Istanbul's waste into energy at the Silivri Seymen Biomass Power Plant with an installed power of 37 Mw.


In Istanbul, approximately 7,500 tons of waste is transferred to the Silivri Seymen Sanitary Landfill, 5 thousand tons to the incineration facility, and the remaining 5,500 tons to the Şile Kömürcüoda Sanitary Landfill on the Anatolian Side.
In his speech, Istanbul Energy General Manager Dr. Yüksel Yalçın emphasized that the installed power will reach a capacity of 90 MW once the Seymen Power Plant reaches full capacity. Yalçın also gave detailed information about the facility in his speech.
Yalçın, General Manager of Istanbul Energy, said, "With our Waste Incineration Energy Production Facility, our Biomethanization Facility in Kemerburgaz and our other landfill gas power generation power plant on the Anatolian Side, the total installed capacity of biomass-based energy generation within the body of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality reaches approximately 160 MW. The facilities here produce energy from waste, and at the same time, environmental benefits are provided by the disposal of methane gas. Istanbul Energy Seymen EÜT, which started production in 2020 with a capacity of 17 MW, reached a capacity of 37 MW in 2021. With the generation of energy from waste heat and the establishment of a Solar Power Plant on the roof areas of the buildings at the facility, the total installed power will reach a capacity of 90 MW when the project is completed in the hybrid source facility."


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