It's not a joke, it's genocide

Its not a joke, its genocide
Date: 1.4.2021 11:00

The people of East Turkestan are calling for the closure of the concentration camps by organizing various activities under the heading of "It's not a joke, it's genocide".

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A new study was initiated by the Uyghurs in order to prevent the persecution of China in East Turkistan. The Uyghurs, who decided to engage in various activities on April 1, which is expressed as "Joke Day", try to make their voices heard in the world under the title of "Not a Joke".
While an invitation letter was published by the East Turkistan Platform on the subject, "We invite our stakeholders who are respectful and sensitive to human rights to participate in our activities with the same sensitivity both on social media and in our actions, and to do a work that is unique to today, even individually," it was stated.


Concentration camps in East Turkistan should be closed as soon as possible without any conditions, and all violations of rights in the region should be stopped immediately. The UN should take genuine steps to immediately stop the atrocities of the concentration camps that trampling on China's human rights. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation should either mobilize Islamic countries against this persecution or abolish itself. Because the current attitude of the OIC encourages China even more. Turkey must be a pioneer to end this persecution. Until China ends this persecution, all the peoples of the world should boycott Chinese goods.


Important expressions were used in the statement published by the East Turkestan Platform with the title "Genocide, Not Joke". In the statement, which stated that 3 to 8 million people of East Turkestan were subjected to genocide in concentration camps.
"Sharing the same sky with these people and witnessing their pain and suffering, heartache, heartbreak, even from a distance, embarrasses us from our humanity in the unjust order of our age. The world must have a word to say for East Turkistan in the name of humanity!" it was said.


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