It's not a rain disaster, but reconstruction

Its not a rain disaster, but reconstruction
Date: 11.6.2019 13:00

The flood disaster in the capital Ankara brought the infrastructure problem of Ankara to the agenda again.

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The flood disasters, which have been frequently experienced in the capital Ankara in recent years, bring with it the problems related to the infrastructure. While the underpasses filled with water due to the rain falling in recent years, the city centers were flooded in the flood disaster which was effective in various parts of Ankara on Sunday. While 3 citizens lost their lives due to the flood disaster, the infrastructure problem of the capital was the subject of discussion again. City and Regional Planner Nihat Yildiz made important evaluations to our newspaper about the infrastructure problem of the capital.
Stressing that these disasters took place as a result of openings and zoning of the streams in most regions of Ankara and Turkey, Yıldız said, "It was known where the previously covered streams were located. But over the last 30 years, Ankara has forgotten where these dried up river beds have been. The same situation prevails throughout the country. Under normal conditions, the protection of these river beds belongs to DSI General Directorate. But, unfortunately, become translated into superior off road and settlement of the riverbed in Turkey have brought this disaster become more effective. In recent years, municipalities have gained rent by opening these areas for development".
Yıldız emphasized that these disasters occurred due to the opening of stream beds to make money for someone and said, toprak There is no soil left to absorb rain water in the city. The underpasses in the city serve as a pond and harm people. It is obvious that Ankara's infrastructure is underdeveloped. There is no loophole to collect rainwater. Even the areas with flood covers have been opened for reconstruction .
Ankara and Turkey's news underlines that there is a strong topic in periods of abundant rainfall in many regions Yıldız said, "Turkey has a serious problem with the infrastructure of the public. Unfortunately, our country does not invest in gold. They invest in areas that can be seen visually so that the citizen can see this and return as a vote."
Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş stated that he is vigilant with all the units of the municipality and said, "We will immediately implement our projects to provide the infrastructure services of our city which have been neglected for years without taking any excuse. Our determinations on this subject have been completed and studies have been started to eliminate the deficiencies. It will be our priority to solve the infrastructure problem of Ankara permanently."


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