Jerusalem is experiencing the most dangerous period

Jerusalem is experiencing the most dangerous period
Date: 12.9.2018 16:00

Deputy Atun noted that the Zionist Israeli regime wanted to imitate the Masjid al-Aqsa, used the phrase "Jerusalem lives the most dangerous period".

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Palestinian deputy Ahmet Atun, who was sent to exile from Jerusalem to Ramallah, said that the city of Jerusalem is experiencing the most dangerous period today.
According to Fiem, Deputy Atun wanted the occupying Israeli regime not to be allowed to do factions under the pretext of Jewish holidays.
Atun said yesterday that he planned to do what he said about the matter when he confiscated the occupation regime's political sovereignty in Jerusalem and ended up in the Masjid al-Aqsa after the city only assumed its own.
Recognizing that the occupation regime was trying to spread the narration of Telmud among the children of the Palestinians by imposing Israeli education programs on Jerusalem schools, Atun paid attention to the danger of Jewishness of the Er-Rahme Gate area.
Atun stated that the only obstacle ahead of the plans of the invaders was the resistance of the Jerusalemans and that they had to challenge the invaders by continuing their presence in the city.
Noting that the fighting between the Jerusalem regime and the legislative, executive, judicial and security institutions did not occur on equal terms, Atun called for the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims to join forces to support Jerusalem.


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