Joint press release by Hamas and Islamic Jihad on current developments

Joint press release by Hamas and Islamic Jihad on current developments
Date: 2.11.2018 14:00

Following the prolonged meeting of Hamas and Islamic Jihad held yesterday in Gaza to discuss the Palestinian situation and relevant developments, the two movements stated the following:

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First: The two parties confirm that they maintain a rock-solid relationship and they will continue their coordination and cooperation at the political and military levels.
Second: Hamas and Jihad will protect the option of resistance and activate the Joint Operation Room of the Palestinian Resistance Factions.
Third: We stress that the Great Return March will continue until meeting demands of the Palestinian Higher Committee for the march. Moreover,  the peaceful protests will remain popular and non-violent.
Fourth: Hamas and Jihad hail the endeavours of Egypt, Qatar, and the UN to alleviate the plight of the Gaza Strip and remove the Israeli blockade. The two parties welcome all these efforts and work together, along with the other factions, to help these efforts succeed.
Fifth: The two parties hail the high level of understanding and cooperation among the Palestinian factions that have been enhanced through the Great Return March. Hamas and Jihad will utilize this  “atmosphere of unity” to bring gains and serve the interests of the Palestinian people.
Sixth: The two parties reaffirm the necessity to restore the Palestinian unity and heal the Palestinian rift based on a unified stance to fight off all the Palestinian threats. Achieving this goal requires the implementation of the already signed agreements, especially Cairo 2011, and forming a Palestinian unity government that would prepare for the Palestinian general elections and for holding a consensual National Council, according to the recommendations of Beirut Conference.
Seventh: We call for immediate lifting of all punitive measure imposed by the Palestinian Authority on the beleaguered Gaza Strip, and the PA should not go for any further measures that would deteriorate the dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, as this move is enough to widen the Palestinian split and fragment the social fabric in Palestine.
Eighth: Hamas and Jihad warn against plunging into normalisation with the Israeli occupation due to its horrific outcomes on the Palestinian cause.  Therefore, all parties are required to stop all forms of normalisation and reactivate official and popular boycott.
Ninth: We urge all free people of the world to take an action in order to fight off the attempts of liquidation of the Palestinian cause, above all the so-called “Deal of the Century”.
Tenth: Hamas and Jihad hail all efforts, popular and official, aimed to foil the Israeli schemes in Palestine, especially in Khan al-Ahmar.
Hamas Movement
Islamic Jihad Movement
Friday, 2 November 2018


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