Karaduman: "Yusuf Kerim should be reunited with his mother"

Karaduman: "Yusuf Kerim should be reunited with his mother"
Date: 13.1.2023 09:00

Saadet Party Deputy Abdulkadir Karaduman brought the situation of Yusuf Kerim, whose mother is in prison, and who was treated for cancer, to the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM). Karaduman said, “Yusuf Kerim should be reunited with his mother.”

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Saadet Party Konya Deputy and Head of Youth Branch Abdulkadir Karaduman brought the tragic situation of Yusuf Kerim, who was treated for cancer at the age of 6, to the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM). Speaking at the General Assembly, Karaduman said, “Yusuf Kerim is 6 years old and is being treated for cancer. His mother is in prison and Yusuf Kerim is in the hospital at this most critical time when he needs his mother's attention and compassion.” 


Calling the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Justice officials, Karaduman said, “It should be ensured that Yusuf Kerim's disease does not progress any further and that he can recover as soon as possible, so that he can be reunited with his mother. The mother's sentence should be postponed, because it is unacceptable to punish an innocent 6-year-old child under any circumstances. Let's not forget that; The basis of the understanding of the holy state is the principle of 'make people live so that the state can live'. As a requirement of humanity, law and the holy state understanding, Yusuf Kerim immediately should met with his mother. Do not turn a deaf ear to these calls of Yusuf Kerim, who said, ‘I want my mother.’”


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