Karamollaoglu: "No one talks about the problems of the country"

Karamollaoglu: "No one talks about the problems of the country"
Date: 30.4.2018 13:00

Saadet leader Karamollaoğlu spoke at the Provincial Electoral Affairs and Provincial Headquarters Meetings.

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Karamollaoğlu criticized the policies of the AK Party government, saying, "Politics is not a battle between you and me. No one speaks about the country's affairs. Let no one falls into this government. Why? Ruling is a source of income, even after a short period of time what they say, they have all denied. They say democracy, freedom, rights-law, ideas about early elections were raised. They said ideas about the state of emergency. But today they are looking exactly the same, "he said.
The Saadet Party continues its preparations in a gradual way to the June 24th elections. The Saadet Party, which collects the members of the General Administration Board and the heads of provinces in an extraordinary meeting on the decision of the "dominant election" in Ankara, has now gathered the Provincial Elections and Provincial Headquarters Heads at the Balgat Training Center. The road map to be followed during the election period was also determined, while the election preparations in the provinces and districts and some trainings were carried out to carry out the campaigns on a regular basis. Speaking at the Provincial Elections and Provincial Headquarters Meeting, Saadet Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu noted that this election would be the most bizarre, most controversial election eve of the elections to date.
Regarding the fact that the politics is dominated by only these 'you' and 'me' fights, Karamollaoğlu said, "There is no one who speaks about the issues of the country. However, elections should be periods of politics, not individuals. A country faces serious problems, but everyone has problems, especially the ruling party is interested only in individuals. This is our place. Unfortunately, the media has been camouflaged, the government seizes almost 90 percent of the media, has become dominant, and in its name is called democracy.
Emphasizing that power and effectiveness are parallel to each other, Karamollaoğlu said, "If there is no power, there is virtually no value of the words that you say you do not have. Today, Turkey has come to this very reason, but very badireli situation. Of course we have contradictions. Agriculture Minister roars like lions. On the other hand, it sells sugar factories so that no self-sufficient, non-agricultural country can be strong. What a quickie this is what a cabbage pickle. We sold in Turkey that left the factory. We are not in the face of privatization. But when you customize a factory, you have to guarantee that the factory will continue to exist. That factory will be demolished, the shopping mall will be erected instead, some of them will reap billions from here, and we will not privatize it. They do not call it privatization, they call it a chase, "he said.


Underlining that he is presented as the minor success of the government going to send to the moon Karamollaoğlu if Turkey continued: "Even if Turkey has said more than 3.5 million unemployed this can not be true. You can not say 'we have become a strong country' if you try to buy 400-500 pounds of gariban's money into your pocket and try to get his game by giving the carpets in winter, so close to 1 million people. We are different for him. We are determined to discuss the issues of the country. If others are dealing with people, we are dealing with them. We have resorted to resorting to all kinds of cries to solve the problems of our country."


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