Karamollaoglu: "The greatest fear of the AKP is the Saadet Party"

Karamollaoglu: "The greatest fear of the AKP is the Saadet Party"
Date: 3.5.2018 13:00

Saadet Party General Chairman and Presidential candidate Temel Karamollaoğlu was guest of the program 'Alarm Clock' presented by Ismail Kucukkaya, published on FOX TV ... Karamollaoğlu made important statements on the agenda in the program.

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The headlines of the Saadet Party's Presidential candidate Temel Karamollaoğlu's statements are as follows:
The conditions that I have in my country drove me to be a candidate ...
Turkey has almost run out economically. There are serious problems in foreign policy.
The State of Emergency has become Ordinary. This leads to injustice and injustice.
If the right policies are followed, the economy will recover. Early selection shows that they can not manage the country properly.
I worry about the future of the country.
There are those who are troubled by the parties in the AK Party and the upper management. Today, no one has left the party's founders.
Abdullah Gül could win even if he was a candidate for the oppositional parties. Gul said 'I would like to be a roof candidate'.
Turkey is unjured because of the policies that it's followed.
The fight in the middle is not the politics of Erdogan, but the politics it follows. Under these conditions, Turkey's unity and the need to provide inside tie. We need to listen to every idea.
We need to find solutions to Turkey's problems.
Under these circumstances, I think of the supreme support of the Saadet Party and we will take it in the elections on June 24th.
We do not enter into the problems of the country of our association, the vicious quarrel. We have to give the right of the worker, the employee, the laborer.
Erbakan Hodja's Refah Party announced problem of our Kurdish brothers in the year of 1991. We will also hear how the solution should be in the coming days.
The AK Party and the government are afraid. They are most afraid of this choice. They are afraid to lose the AK Party. The AK Party is afraid because they are consuming the resources of the country. Are the goods of the state sold in a country. They are selling ... The soldiers are now a sign of their wasted ...
We do not need an alliance. We call cooperation in elections. The citizen will vote for the party. The electorate will vote for the Felicity Party. Just a collaboration for this dam 


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